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What is the difference between Amos and Hosea?

So Amos and Hosea shared likeness in message though their emphasise was on different sins. what was the difference?

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    A M O S.

    Though this prophet appeared a little before Isaiah, yet he was not, as some have mistaken, that Amos who was the father of Isaiah (Isa. i. 1), for in the Hebrew their names are very different; their families too were of a different character, for Isaiah was a courtier, Amos a country-farmer. Amos signifies a burden, whence the Jews have a tradition that he was of a slow tongue and spoke with stammering lips; we may rather, in allusion to his name, say that his speech was weighty and his word the burden of the Lord. He was (as most think) of Judah, yet prophesied chiefly against Israel, and at Bethel, ch. vii. 13. Some think his style savours of his extraction, and is more plain and rustic than that of some other of the prophets; I do not see it so; but it is plain that his matter agreed with that of his contemporary Hosea, that out of the mouth of these two witnesses the word might be established. It appears by his contest with Amaziah the priest of Bethel that he met with opposition in his work, but was a man of undaunted resolution in it, faithful and bold in reproving sin and denouncing the judgments of God for it, and pressing in his exhortations to repentance and reformation. He begins with threatenings against the neighbouring nations that were enemies to Israel, ch. i. and ii. He then calls Israel to account, and judges them for their idolatry, their unworthy walking under the favours God had bestowed upon them, and their incorrigibleness under his judgments, ch. iii. and iv. He calls them to repentance ( ch. v.), rejecting their hypocritical sacrifices unless they did repent. He foretels the desolations that were coming upon them notwithstanding their security (ch. vi.), some particular judgments (ch. vii.), particularly on Amaziah; and, after other reproofs and threatenings (ch. viii. and ix.), concludes with a promise of the setting up of the Messiah's kingdom and the happiness of God's spiritual Israel therein, just as the prophecy of Joel concluded. These prophets, having opened the wound in their reproofs and threatenings, which show all wrong, in the promises of gospel-grace open the remedy, which alone will set all to rights.

    H O S E A.

    II. We have before us the prophecy of Hosea, who was the first of all the writing prophets, being raised up somewhat before the time of Isaiah. The ancients say, He was of Bethshemesh, and of the tribe of Issachar. He continued very long a prophet; the Jews reckoned that he prophesied nearly fourscore and ten years; so that, as Jerome observes, he prophesied of the destruction of the kingdom of the ten tribes when it was at a great distance, and lived himself to see and lament it, and to improve it when it was over, for warning to its sister kingdom. The scope of his prophecy is to discover sin, and to denounce the judgments of God against a people that would not be reformed. The style is very concise and sententious, above any of the prophets; and in some places it seems to be like the book of Proverbs, without connexion, and rather to be called Hosea's sayings than Hosea's sermons. And a weighty adage may sometimes do more service than a laboured discourse. Huetius observes that many passages in the prophecies of Jeremiah and Ezekiel seem to refer to, and to be borrowed from, the prophet Hosea, who wrote a good while before them. As Jer. vii. 34; xvi. 9; xxv. 10; and Ezek. xxvi. 13, speak the same with Hos. ii. 11; so Ezek. xvi. 16, &c., is taken from Hos. ii. 8. And that promise of serving the Lord their God, and David their king, Jer. xxx. 8, 9. Ezek. xxxiv. 23, Hosea had before, ch. iii. 5. And Ezek. xix. 12 is taken from Hos. xiii. 15. Thus one prophet confirms and corroborates another; and all these worketh that one and the self-same Spirit.

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    Amos And Hosea

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    What is the difference between Amos and Hosea?

    So Amos and Hosea shared likeness in message though their emphasise was on different sins. what was the difference?

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    The prophetic tale of Hosea is a parallel between Hosea's marriage to an unfaithful wife and God's relationship to Israel, his unfaithful people, who tried to mix the worship of the lord with the idolatry of the surrounding nations. Through Hosea, God shows his people that he wants to take them back in spite of their unfaithfulness to him, just as Hosea took Gomer back after her disloyalty to him. In the beginning Hosea makes blistering judgment speeches only to conclude with a moving acknowledgment that God will once again forgive and restore them.

    Amos however prophesied against Israel's idol worship and the injustice of rich people's oppression of the poor. Though God uses Amos as a prophet is is not a career prophet but rather a shepherd and caretaker of sycamore trees. His shepherd lifestyle contrasts with the extravagant lifestyles of the wealthy class of his day. Much of his message is directed toward the oppression and social crimes of the people of God and surrounding nations.

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