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Did the german army use rottweilers,?

For military duty during WW2? I have heard they were used by the Roman army in B.C. and wondered how far back in history this breed was used and for what.

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    During World War II (Roman numeral for "2"), both the Nazi forces and Allied forces used Rottweilers.

    The breed is an ancient one, with beginnings in Germanic areas conquered by the Romans. They take their name from the town of Rottweil in the area of Wurttemberg in what is now Germany.

    Actually, Rottweilers were more than just dogs used for military purposes. Initially, they were working dogs on farms, herding cattle and pulling carts with farm produce. They also guarded the farmstead and the farm animals, keeping them from harm from unscrupulous people and predatory animals. (Who or what is going to argue with a barking Rottie?) :-)





    If you need more information on the breed and their uses throughout history, I suspect your local library (school library, public library or campus library, if you are a college/univ. student) will have some books on the subject. A reference librarian will be happy to help you find what you seek.

    Rottweilers with good breeding lines and which are well-trained are great, gentle dogs and are also good watch dogs.

    The best Rottie I ever knew was a female named "Thunder." I wish I had a photo of her sniffing at a baby bird that had fallen from it's nest. I was worried she might just open her mouth and gobble the little bird in one bite, but all she did was sniff at it and continue her gentle walk. She was also addicted to small bites of "kitty food" (canned cat food.)

    The dogs are strong and only ferocious when humans mistreat them and train them to be that way.

    Best wishes

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    Where Did Rottweilers Originate From

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    Pound for pound, pits are generally strongest in terms of things like weight pulling, but as to jaw strength, no one really knows. I would think that the jaw strength would be abouth the same. As for the smartest, I believe it depends on the indivdual dog. All 3 of these breeds are very smart. All 3 can excell at sports like schutzhund which requires obedience, patience, determination and good listening skills. I have never had a pure bred Rottie or GSD, but my APBT amazes me with her intellegence. She actually plans things out to get her way. For example, when I give my dogs treats, my pit will start barking, so the other dogs will drop their treats and run to the door, thinking we have a visitor, and my pit will steal the treats that they dropped. My vet also has a pit and it has pushed a chair from the table to the sink to it can sit on the chair while it licks the dishes. I think thats why a lot of people get frustrated and give their pits away, because they can outsmart you if you let them. Pits and Rotts are also great police dogs btw. ~to the second poster~ what you said is very ignorant. Pit bulls will let go when properly trained and told to do so. In the middle of tug o war I can tell my pit to "drop it" and she will do so immediately. If they wouldn't let go when biting then they would never be any good at schutzhund, which they definitely are. Also, my little Pekingese would peel a coconut for fun. Dogs love to chew on things. It's a well known fact. The pit was just chewing on the coconut.

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    During the First and Second World Wars, Rottweilers were put into service in various roles, including as messenger, ambulance, draught, and guard dogs.

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    Some dogs have to be trained differently due to certain natural instincts. Learn here

    This is how I trained my dogs, hope it helps:

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