Dream that I'm driving my car in the pouring rain and the brakes are failing?

At least once a month (sometimes more), I have this dream where I'm driving, sometimes at night, sometimes during the day, and I always seem to be driving too fast and coming up to red lights/stop signs/turns too quickly. When I try to stop, the brakes don't work and I have to pump on them and press as hard as I can and somehow at the last second, the brakes catch and I get control. Sometimes I stop at the right place, but sometimes I go like ten feet into the intersection, or when trying to turn, I slide around the corner a bit out of control, but either way I always stop and always make the corners without hitting anyone, even though sometimes I come close.

Last night, I had that dream again. The brakes were doing the same thing as always, but this time I was also driving in the pouring rain and no matter what I did it was hard to see out of my side of the windshield. Only the driver's side seems to be covered and I end up either rolling down the window to look through the rain or if I lean over I can partially see out of the other side of the windshield to the street in front of me.

It's always scary. I'm always panicked in this dream. It's the only recurring dream I've ever had and it's only been the past year. In real life I wear glasses and don't like to drive at night, especially in the rain, but I don't see how this translates into a recurring dream that is sometimes during the day too and always with the brakes failing. I've been stressed about money more for the past year and think that it may be because I'm always freaking out about how I'm going to pay for things, but in the end I always seem to find a way to work everything out. I had worse problems years ago with money than I do now, and I know that typically things always do work out for me and nothing is so bad that it's not fixable, so why the dream now and not before??

Any thoughts??

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    Water is the symbol of emotions - rain is a lot of hard and difficult emotions, like crying. Cars can symbolize forward movement in life. Not being able to brake indicates that you may have a difficult time not being so emotional, and yet on a subconscious level you want to be less emotional. Lots of stress.

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  • 9 years ago

    maybe it's God trying to talk to you idk about you but i think that you should be careful when you drive or maybe take your car to the mechanic to actually check your brakes..cuz maybe your worried about something in your car so you should ask your mechanic so you can be sure it's ok..

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