can i hook my acer netbook to my flatscreen tv to watch netflix?

want to get netflix, but i dont have a play station, xbox, or bluray player. all i have is my 32 inch best buy brand (insignia) flat screen tv and my 10.1 in acer aspire one netbook. Though i could probably be able to watch it on my netbook, i want to be able to watch it on my television screen.

Is there a way to hook my netbook up to my television to watch netflix?

what kind of cord should i look for? where can i find it? and about how much do u estimate it will cost?


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  • justin
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    9 years ago
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    Buy either a VGA (older monitor connector usually blue) to HDMI or S-Video; or DVI (new monitor connector usually whiteish yellow) to HDMI or S-Video cable. Unless your computer also does S-Video or HDMI. Some TVs and monitors can take USB. But you will still need to use the speakers from the computer because only video will go through (unless using a HDMI to HDMI cable). Check your TV to see if it can take DVI. The cable should cast about $7.

    Source(s): I have my desktop connected to my Phillips 42" TV via DVI (computer) to HDMI (TV) 3' cable.
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    it can be done and amusing your tv and netbook has a D-sub port on the back (usually the side for netbook) which looks like this

    you can buy a 15 pin male to male vga cable that can be connected to your tv and your netbook . After you connect them you can select the pc or vga option or similar option on your tv to allow you to use your tv as a monitor. An example of the cable you need is

    you can go to a computer store which should sell them or look around online and buy one with the price and length your comfortable with but make sure its a 15 pin male to male vga cable.

    you can watch this video to get a clearer explanation of what I'm trying to say

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