How can I hook my acer up to my tv to watch netflix?

I want to get netflix, but i dont have a play station, xbox, or bluray player. all i have is my 32 inch best buy brand (insignia) flat screen tv and my 10.1 in acer aspire one netbook. Though i could probably be able to watch it on my netbook, i want to be able to watch it on my television screen.

Is there a way to hook my netbook up to my television to watch netflix?

what kind of cord should i look for? where can i find it? and about how much do u estimate it will cost?



so if i want to watch something on netflix and bring it up on my netbook and then hook my netbook to my tevevision, it should play my show on the tv...right?

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    I have a 32' insignia too. K, this is pretty easy. Since you're acer aspire doesn't have an HDMI out port, then you're gonna need a VGA cable to connect your acer's video signal to the TV.

    This cable should do:

    Now, since it's not HDMI, you won't get audio coming out the TV, only your laptop. But if you want audio out your tv, all you'll need is audio cable, which you can connect to the headphone jack (audio out) and then into the AUDIO IN jack on your tv.

    the audio cable:

    After this, just hook it up while your tv is turned on, switch to the VGA channel on your tv, and a window should come up on your tv asking you to configure the settings. For audio go to the control panel while the audio cable is hooked up, go to sound settings, and switch the default audio to speakers, or headphones, im not so sure what it is on a netbook :P

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    Depends which connectors you have on both. TV could have DVI, HDMI, S-Video, Component Video... Laptop could have DVI, HDMI S-Video, VGA... Once you know what ports are available, go to an electronics store ask for help finding a cable and/or dongles that allow your laptop's ports to connect to your TV's ports. Personally, my Macbook Pro and MB Air have mini DVI out and my TV has HDMI, VGA, Component Video and S-Video in, so I use a mini-DVI to DVI cable with an HDMI dongle on the TV side. YMMV.

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