How can I stop my landlord from repeatedly entering my apartment?

Ok, so my landlords have been giving me notice, but they have entered over a dozen times in a couple of months. Every time they notify me of entry it is over some random insignificant thing, such as checking light-bulbs and inspecting the air conditioner filter. This is becoming incredible disruptive for basic day to day activities, not to mention the fact I am taking care of my elderly mother with dementia and it is disturbing her. I am not being targeted in particular and everyone in the complex is going through the same thing. I have always payed my rent on time and keep the apartment in good shape, and in general have been a good tenant. The reason they are doing this is because (as rumor has it) the company that recently bought the complex is planning on turning them into condos and they are trying to spruce them up to sell. I tried asking them to take care of everything in one trip, but they said they couldn't because of their schedule and there wasn't anything else left anyway (that was a few entries ago).

My question is, how can I get them to stop, or at least limit them to one more entry? There has to be some limit for how often a landlord can enter a tenants apartment. And yes, I am planning on moving but I need to do something in the mean time due to my mother's condition, as mentioned before.


I would understand it a little more if it were for legitimate reasons. But to check the hall light because they think it may have gone out, really? I even told them it was fine myself, it was just a standard bulb.

There have been serious issues with the unit since day one, such as the dryer not heating, and they have just ignored them every time I have notified them.

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    In general your answer lies within your rental documents. They are required to give you notice which they are doing.. but most contracts also toss in something about 'mutually agreeable times' for non-emergency matters.

    You have written a very eloqulent question... use that same skill to write them a lettter and tell them that their frequent visits are having a negative effect upon your mother's health and that for that reason all future visits need to be coordinated with you so that you or a family representative can be present to assist her.

    In your letter assert that you will hold them accountable for any damage or trauma that their failure to comply creates. And then provide a way for them to contact you to coordinate the access...(stick and carrot approach)

    good luck...

  • Donna
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    4 years ago

    You are in a private residence. Is it completely isolated from the main structure of the home so as to be considered separate? Do you pay your own bills or are they under one payment for the rent? Do you have a written lease? Are the boundaries of the term clearly spelled out? If renting a room, there is usually no formal lease agreement. There is usually no term of boundary written as other parts of the home may be open to your use. Normally, just a cooperation between leaser and leasee is all you have to go on. If you are worried for your personal safety, then find a new place to live. If it is just an inconvenience, maybe you should just sit down and talk with the landlord. They will most likely understand about not wanting to have bugs coming into their home! Hope this helps. Free advice, guaranteed or your money back!

  • 9 years ago

    If they are providing legal notice each time, nothing. You have no right to deny them entry once notice is given, no matter how many times they do it. You even admit it's for legitimate reasons.

    You actually do NOT have a right to be present. You can of course BE present, but you don't have the right to stop the entry if you cannot make yourself available.

    Try coming at from the angle of talking to them about what times would be more convenient for you to see if some of the pressure can be alleviated that way.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    As long as they are giving proper notice, which you admit they are, they can enter as many times as they want. They have every right to maintain THEIR property; they do not need your presence or your permission. They do not need to give a reason.

    You are welcome to write a polite, business-like letter requesting they limit their entry, but they are not required to comply. You'll probably have a yahoo or two on here screaming "right to enjoyment," but understand that no judge is going to punish a landlord for entering his own property.

    This is just one of the inconveniences of renting. If you don't like it, your only option is to buy your own house.

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  • 9 years ago

    Review your lease agreement you signed. If it is documented in there that they can do such as that then you have no standing grounds, but to ask and see if they will be willing to work with you.

  • 9 years ago

    Yes, you can stop them. You have the right as a tenant, to be present at ALL visits from the landlord.

    In addition, I have included the link that you can go to, it clearly spells out your rights as a tenant. I hope this helps, believe me I understand, esp with a mother that has dementia.

  • R P
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    9 years ago

    Sorry, but it is not YOUR property. As long as the management is giving you proper notice, they can enter as often as they need to.

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