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Anonymous asked in Society & CultureLanguages · 1 decade ago

What language should I learn for my trip to yalta (Ukraine)?

I'll be going to Yalta (Ukraine) soon for volunteer work and would like to know which language to learn? I know I can talk English, but I would like to gain some basic conversation skills on their language. The most logical would be Ukrainish, but according to Wikipedia Russian is more widely spoken in the south part of Ukraine (Yalta). Any suggestion?

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    Go with Russian. In some regions of Ukraine people speak Ukrainian, in some they speak Russian. But the important part is that practically everybody can understand both languages without any problems. And if you ask nicely and say that you are a foreigner, I am sure most of ukrainian-speaking population will agree to temporarily switch to Russian. So it would be logical to learn Russian because you'll be able to use Ukrainian in Ukraine only while you'll be able to use Russian in a rather wide number of countries (basically all ex-USSR countries are like that: they know their local language + Russian).

    Source(s): hi from Kiev
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    1 decade ago

    You can get a Ukrainian phrasebook and learn the basics, but I recommend you learn Russian in-depth for your own long-term benefit. Russian is much more widely spoken and useful regionally.

    I think a lot of Ukrainians speak Russian in all parts of the Ukraine, so I think you can get by OK.

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    Yalta is in Crimea, and Crimea is almost militantly Russian- rather than Ukrainian-speaking. It was part of Russia until 1953.

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