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Dou you think there should be more tax cuts for the top 2%?

In my opinion these tax cuts do not help at all.

1.) Do you think that tax cuts help the Republican party?

2.) Could this help Obama in 2012?

3.) Seeing some of these possible nominees who would you vote for? Would you vote for Obama?

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    Taxes were increased during Bush 1 and Clinton. Job creation during the Clinton administration was 23,000,000 jobs. Bush 2 cut taxes to the lowest level in history. Job creation plunged to 3,000,000. So much for the lie that "tax cuts create jobs."

    Only a financial moron would honestly consider keeping revenue artificially low, or worse yet reducing it, while deficits were rising. Do any of those idiots find lower paying jobs when they are drowning in credit card debt? Only if they want to to bankrupt! Maybe they're morally bankrupt? Must be!

    Do tax cuts help Republicans? Well, duh, it certainly endears their wealthy base to them. Does it help them with moderates or "Reagan Democrats?" Not so much.

    I have not seen a Republican in over a dozen years that I could honestly vote for. And although I'm not totally satisfied with the current administration, there's no way that I'd stay home on Election Day and let a Republican take over now.

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  • 9 years ago

    Here's how to fix the economy. Pass a law where every taxpayer pays $100 per day in taxes. The next day repeal the law. This will give a tax cut of $36,400 per year to every taxpayer. That tax cut will certainly stimulate the economy and fix unemployment.

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  • 9 years ago

    The top 2%? You mean the group that already pays over HALF the taxes in the country?

    By all means, we should continue to demonize those who are paying the way for everyone else.

    And while we're at it, let's lie and say they got tax cuts. That will stir up the class warfare folks real good!~ "Duhhhhh, I angry they got tax cuts." (even though nobody can tell you what those cuts were, because they never happened).

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