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Hair Dying question, red hair dye roots?

basically, my hair is naturally brown, but a while ago i bleached it blonde (from black), and it went very blonde, i then decided to dye it red over the blonde, i now have red hair with brownish roots, but obviously the red is over the blonde, so heres my question: can i just dye my hair red and it will all be one colour? or will i have to bleach it again and then dye it red?


just to clarify, my hair is completly red, but the roots are dark brown, would the dark brown go the same colour as the red (which was dyed over blonde)?

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    i would not recommend bleaching your hair and putting red hair dye you will end up looking like ronald mcdonald. Bleaching your hair takes all colour pigment out of your hair and makes the hair "White."

    I would recommend using a temporary colour such as beetroot juice or hint of tint in a red shade to add some pigment back in to your hair, once you have done this your hair will be ready to have red hair dye put on to it and will look more natural.

    Source(s): NVQ L2 Hairdressing
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    You'd need to have hair stripped of ALL colors and then dye it one color.

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