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Are skeletons real or made up?

My friends mom says she was once chased by a skeleton but I don't think skeletons are real please help me.

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    Skeletons are real. They are the internal or external framework of cartilage, bones, or other rigid materials that support the body of an organism. But bare skeletons (with no living body) cannot move by itself, at least it hasn't been scientifically proven yet.

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    There are also the skeletons we each carry around with us that we don't want other to find out about. In a sense, they can chase us if we don't tend to them...

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    they are made up,of course. where you been? bone surgery - the orthopaedick hospital, wrinklefree stretched skin - elstreet louder, dental implants - le toofypeggy francais, ribs knocked off from sacred cows, skull by duggeries global inc (non-prophet they say), feet and mouth from the animal medical research lab., nose usually gone (cant think why),listick and grimace by last season`s Lifelong Celeb, hands knees and bum( so-o daisies ) loaned by Hildie Ogden, jaw-dropping by Harley Sreet and the spaces left are so silly people will believe The Wormd Done It, plus promised noy yo yell who made oooooooh wild straggly wig - Rustle up a Brand new skeleton hold a skeleton cosmetics evening, coff in a bag at G>P> coming to your area soon and there you are - for life. Totac cost plus video repeats, well as we`re doing it for you, Ben . acrually, they truly exist but are something of a conversation-stopper. have a nice day and ENJOY YOUR LIFE and no shrieking..

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    Everyone has a skeleton. Under their skin, muscle, etc. But no, skeletons do not just up and walk around like you hear about on Halloween.

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  • All humans have a skeleton, but under all our muscles and skin. They are our bones, and after we die our bones are what's left of us, after a while. But you cannot be chased by one, as that would be that you are being chased by someone who is not alive. Either you friends mum was joking, or someone in a costume was chasing her.long story short: They are real but they can't run.

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    are you 2? anyways, well yeah all your bones inside you make up your skeleton but a skeleton cant just get up and walk around like they are in your body with muscles and stuff but on there own? hopefully they will be in a museum or in a coffin.

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    Unless every human is a big blob of blood and organs then yes, skeletons aren't real :)

    Source(s): my dad when he tried to scare me
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    There certainly more than skeletons in the world

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    Skeletons are real. There is one inside every one of us. Creepy huh?

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    Nope, skeletons don't exist. That's why we all have bones.

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