mythology question about esfandyar and heracles?

I need help with comparing /contrasting the Persian Esfandyar (Prince) to Heracles (Labors and Death).

-any help would be great

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    10 years ago
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    u decide

    Esfandiyār - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Perso-Arabic 'Esfandyar' derives from Middle Persian 'Spandadat' or 'Spandyat' (

    the ... and it is through these that the young prince can be vanquished. ... -

    Heracles - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    To expiate the crime, Heracles was required to carry out ten labors set by ... - 网页快照 - 类似结果


    Having performed all twelve labours Heracles was now free ... Omphale had become

    queen, after the death of her husband, Tmolus. ...

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