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What happend to the other 11 tribes of isreal?

How come we are only left with the Jews? from the tribe of Judah

were are the Levi And such?

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    After the death of King Solomon, there was an Israelite civil war in which the tribes of Judah and Benjamin (the Jews) went one way and the rest of the tribes went the other.

    After the death of Jesus, about 40 years of so later (not exact time frame, just my personal estimation) the Romans came and crushed the Jews and Israelites and scattered them...the Romans also destroyed all records of tribe.

    Members of the other eleven tribes do exist today, but no one has any way of knowing from which tribe any of them are from. So essentially the terms "Jew" and "Israeli" have become interchangeable. Anyone who is called a Jew can be from any of the 12 tribes, as can anyone who is called Israeli.


    Jerusalem was sacked by the Romans in 70 C.E. Jesus was crucified in 33 C.E.

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