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i'm feeling depressed constantly?

I've always wished i grew up in Britain or in Chicago because of the life different types of people culture or all that, big cities and stuff. and as of recent every time i think about it i start breaking down in tears how I've wasted 15 yrs of my life stuck in backwoods homes with such a large family that moving to a big city would my parents to go bankrupt. i'm literally crying over this, and not just this i start crying over, if i think about my life after school-i cry,if i think about how my girlfriend dumper me last year-i cry, if i think of inspirational things and social stuff i-get shaken up. i feel like i need support here, and soeone to share my life with and someone to lean on, i really need help but don't know where to get it, pleases help me. if you need talk to me separately about this,which i would like, pleases email at

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    Does your school have a councillor or someone you could talk to? Or a teacher you trust? Or Your parents? Aunties, Uncles? Older siblings or cousins? Talking to someone you know is better for you, but it is always harder for you too. Otherwise there's probably a psychologist or councillor or someone in your town that you could visit. Anyone you talk to will be supportive, I'm sure :)

    If not, feel free to email me (my email is on my Y!A thingy) and just vent :) Its alll good.

    Good Luck :)

    Peace Out ☮


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    et a scholarship to a boarding school, or go on exchange somewhere

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