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Countables and Uncountables

Please help me divide them into countable and uncountable nouns:

popcornpeaonionpeachlobstercerealwaterbreadyoghurtsalmonmeatsaltspring onionscauliflowerwineketchuplettucecheesemustardcabbageceleryThanks alot!!!!!!!




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  • 9 years ago
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    c = countable u = uncountable

    popcorn - u

    pea - c

    onion – c , u

    Please chop two unions finely. (c)

    I like home-made onion soup. (u)

    peach – c and u

    - a fruit (c) Peaches grow in warm countries.

    - a pale colour between pink and orange.(u)

    She had tied back her hair with a peach satin ribbon. (u)

    lobster – c, u

    - a sea animal (c) I bought two lobsters.

    - the meat of lobster (u) I like lobster on a bed of fresh vegetables.

    cereal – c, u

    I have a bowl of cereal every morning. (u)

    Some sugar-coated cereals are 50% sugar. (c)

    water - u

    bread - u

    yogurt – c , u

    Most low-fat yogurts are about 40 calories per 100g. (c)

    Mix the spices and the yogurt. (u)

    salmon – c, u

    – a large fish with silver skin and pink (c) (plural: salmon)

    – fish eaten as food. (u)

    I bought two salmon. (c)

    We had smoke salmon for dinner yesterday. (u)

    meat – c, u

    ~ a selection of cold meats (c)

    I gave up eating meat last year. (u)

    salt - u

    spring onions - c

    cauliflower – c, u

    - two cauliflowers (c)

    Do you like cauliflower? (u)

    wine – c, u

    Some superlative wines are made in this region. (c)

    ~ a bottle of wine, two glasses of wine. (u)

    ketchup - u

    lettuce – c, u

    Buy a lettuce and some tomatoes. (c)

    I like bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich. (u)

    cheese – c, u

    Many of their cheeses are exclusive to our stores in Britain. (c)

    Please give me two chunks of cheese. (u)

    mustard - u

    cabbage – c, u

    I bought two cabbages. (c)

    ~ a bowl of cabbage. (u)

    celery - u

    hair - c , u

    hair (c) - a single hair (一根頭髮) or or several individual hairs.

    hair (u) - all the hair on a person's head.

    2011-04-27 05:41:04 補充:


    I found a long black hair in my soup. (c)

    She has black hair. (u)

    2011-04-27 06:57:07 補充:

    If you have to select one: (the more common ones)

    onion – c, peach – c, lobster- c, cereal - u, yogurt - u

    salmon – c, meat – u, cauliflower – c, wine – u

    lettuce – u, cheese – u, cabbage – c, hair - u

    2011-04-27 07:27:54 補充:

    Salt (u, c)

    Epson salts, smelling salts (c)

    a grain (pinch) of salt (u)

    Source(s): Longman English Dictionary
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  • 9 years ago

    C = countable U = uncountablePopcorn UPea C Onion C Peach CLobster CCereal UWater UBread UYoghurt USalmon UMeat U Salt Uspring onions Ccauliflower Cwine Uketchup Ulettuce Ccheese Umustard Ucabbage Ccelery Chair UYou can make uncountable nouns countable by putting a countable expression in front of the noun. For example: 2 slices of bread , 5 portions of salmonSome nouns can be both countable and uncountable depending on their meaning. Usually a noun is uncountable when used in abstract meaning (when you don't think of it as a separate object) and countable when used in a particular meaning (when you can think of it as a separate object).For example: 2 glasses of water (here, glass is countable) It’s made of glass (here, glass is uncountable)

    Source(s): me
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