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Rescue dog and taking on a kid?

My husband and I have two kids, 2 and 3. We just bought our first house and are moving to a new state, because of my husband job. For a month now we have been committed to taking on a bulldog from a rescue place. We just found out that we may have to take in my 6yr old god son for a year. My husband job is 2hrs away from our new house so he can only come home some weekends, when he is not on call (this will be for a couple more months and then he will be closer and home with us) Should we still adopt this dog? I already feel like he is part of our family and we have been so excited to get him! He will need some training, he is a little mouthy and he jumps all over the children ( he is over 50lbs). He has some stomach issues, because his last TWO owners were horrible to him, so he need special meds and food. We have also paid the $600 adoption fee and we are suppose to pick him up next week. Oh and we have an almost 3yr old frenchie.


The question would be where the question mark is, but to help you out..Should we still go through with adopting the dog?

Update 2:

We were committed to adopting him and training him, even with his issues, but now that we may have to adopt my godson for a year, while his father goes to jail, we are not sure it will be fair to the dog or us to take on all this responsibility

Update 3:

I am confidant in my training skills. I have had unruly dogs before that became great family members, its the fact that I will be taking on another child too. We are already in love with this dog and want him so much we would be heart-broken not to get him.

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    Since you already paid the adoption fee for this dog, you are legally responisble for the adoption, but if you talk to the rescue organziation and tell them your circumstances have changed they might be able to pair you with a better dog for your family. You are doing a great thing, taking in a rescue dog. He can be corrected from jumping on the kids, but don't leave the kids unsupervisied around him, because he is a larger dog and doesn't realize that children are easily hurt. You have to teach him how to be around children.

    This would be my question if I was the one adopting him to you. Are you emotionally and fiancially able to take this dog into your home, knowing he has these stomach problems, needing special food and meds, and that he is mouthy? I would also have you come out and meet him, with your children and god son, and your french bulldog to make sure they got along before I went through with the adoption. Did they do a homecheck? You might be getting more than you can handle if the rescue isn't on the up and up.

    If you are unsure at all about this big boy, I wouldn't take him home. Bulldogs aren't easy dogs to deal with and tend to be dominate and french bulldogs are the same way. Are you talking an American Bulldog or an English Bulldog?

    Personally, I think its great you considered a rescue dog, but I want to make sure you know what you are getting into before you bring him home, especially when there are children involved. A big dog like that could serious injure a child, just playing, not even meaning to. You need to make sure you can handle this dog with or without your husband at home before you make the choice to bring him home. I'm sure the rescue will understand if you can not bring him home because circumstances changed in your household.

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    yes you should still go through with it. the dog will finally have a good home and a loving family plus the kids will grow up learning responsibility for animals and learn to love animals just as much as you do.

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    I don't understand this f***ing question!

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