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What's the name of that movie where this girl is guided on her way to popularity by the ghost of a prom queen?

The prom queen dies at the begining of the movies in a car crash with her boyfriend.

A new girl at school is really struggling socialy until she starts getting help from the ghost of the dead prom queen. the looser girl becomes popular but the dead prom queen is now concerned . . . . . . .


No it's not susie q, but thank you for trying, :-).

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    This same question has been asked on another website here: http://www.askmehelpdesk.com/movies/90s-disney-gir...

    The last responder suggested the 1991 made-for-TV movie called "Earth Angel". Could that be the right title?


    Angela, prom queen and a very good-looking girl, died in 1962 and is sent back to earth to complete a mission in order to gain entrance into heaven. Unfortunately one of her tasks is to discover what her mission is...

    It stars:

    Cindy Williams ... Judith

    Cathy Podewell ... Angela

    Rainbow Harvest ... Cindy

    Mark Hamill ... Wayne Stein

    Erik Estrada ... Duke

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    Suzy q

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