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Attorney Client Privilege?

I work at my step mom's law office working under the table as a Gopher. My sister is getting a new car from a dealership that this client my stepmom has. I told my sister that she probably is getting a discount because the client owes her money. Is that breaking attorney client privileges? I HIGHLY doubt it, because exact specifics about debt were not discussed. If anything, my Stepmother is breaking the ACP by telling everything to me, because i am not 18, and i am paid under the table (so no taxes are paid), and therefore am not an OFFICIAL employee. please let me know

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    Attorney client privilege merely says that a lawyer may not reveal client details to police. There might be ethical issues with revealing client details to others, but it's not necessarily a problem, depending on details.

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  • archut
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    4 years ago

    Christine, you elect to bypass to the state in which your question arises from. In that state bypass to the courtroom rules that govern the jurisdiction. in many circumstances the courtroom rules could have exceptions proper contained in the rules. If no longer, statutes from the state will contain what the exceptions might want to be.

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