What are your opinions on these actors/actresses?

Paul Rudd

Elizabeth Banks

Tim Roth

Francis McDormand

George Clooney

Chloe Moretz

Hailee Steinfeld

John Turturro

Donnie Yen

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  • Donny
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    1 decade ago
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    Paul Rudd- decent. pretty funny

    Elizabeth Banks- alright

    Tim Roth- really really great

    Francis McDormand- one of my top 5 favorite actresses

    George Clooney- outstanding actor and insanely cool guy. top 20

    Chloe Moretz- great young actress, gonna be good in Hugo Cabret

    Hailee Steinfeld- great in True Grit, looking forward to see what she does next

    John Turturro- one of my favorite actors too, and incredible

    Donnie Yen- who?

  • David
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    1 decade ago

    Paul Rudd: Dig him. He's very...affable. And can be hilarious.

    Elizabeth Banks: Incredibly hot, lol. And charming. Has definite movie-star appeal.

    Tim Roth: Good actor. Always has a very intense, I'm-not-half-assing-this vibe, which I appreciate. Also, love his directorial debut, an incredibly harrowing film called The War Zone (starring Tilda Swinton and featuring a small performance by a young unknown Irish actor credited as Colin J. Farrell).

    Frances McDormand: Great actress. Always a delight when she collaborates with the Coens.

    George Clooney: My hero, more or less, lol. Could this dude be any cooler? Whether he's acting, directing, being a humanitarian...Clooney is ******* ace.

    Chloë Moretz: Super-talented. My second favorite under-20 actress behind Saoirse Ronan. Obviously going to be a big star.

    Hailee Steinfeld: Loved her in True Grit. We'll see what she does next.

    John Turturro: Brilliant when he's on point (Barton Fink, Quiz Show), but can be irritating, too (Transformers, You Don't Mess with the Zohan). Needs to stay away from the paycheck jobs.

    Donnie Yen: Amazing martial artist. Better, more sensitive actor than, say, Jet Li. I dig him.

  • 1 decade ago

    I like Paul Rudd when he is being funny, sometimes i don't have any clue what he is doing. Elizabeth Banks can be good sometimes but she needs to get a bigger range, which is what she might have been trying to do in The Next Three Days with Russel Crowe. Tim Roth has been around for a while, he is, I am assuming, a friend of Tarantino's, but he hasn't been in much lately. Frances McDormand I don't really care, I liked her in Fargo and Burn After Reading, both are Coen brothers' movies. George Clooney has always been doing good stuff, like O' Brother Where Art Thou was good and also Burn After Reading, Coen brothers' movies, he almost dissapeared, but then he did Up in The Air and Fantastic Mr. Fox which were both good. Chloe is moving up, don't have much to say about her, Kick-*** was good though. Hailee I loved in True Grit, I saw her at the Oscar's and couldn't even recognize her, so thats good. John Turturro has been in so much and is very underrated, just like Roth. Donnie Yen is good in Asian action movies which is about as far as his range goes.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Paul Rudd is decent in his movies. Nothing special but that's Ok. Elizabeth Banks has failed to impress me with anything she's done. Tim Roth is very good. He plays the same character too much. Frances Mcdormand was funny in Fargo. George Clooney is alright. Never seen anything with Chloe. I love Hailee Steinfield. John Tuttoro is ok.

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  • 1 decade ago

    the only actor out of those names ive ever heard of is george clooney and hes a doosh

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