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whos hotter jordana brewster or jessica biel and give reasons for your asnwer?

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    Jessica Biel, definitely. Jordana's face has a lot of masculine features, especially her jaw line. I don't really find her attractive at all.

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    Jordana Brewster, she has the natural beauty.. plus when you look in her eyes you know that there is a god.

    Jessica Biel is not naturally beautiful, she has a very wide smile, and looks sickly without makeup-at times.

    Jordana Brewster hands down

  • 10 years ago

    I would like Jordana better if she had different coloring. I dont know why, I just would. I look a tad like her facially so I can't say she isn't a little attractive. Jessica has a nice cone shape body, my favorite, although her arms are a bit too big. They both have natural beauty which is nice, and while Jessica is obviously at least a bit attractive, she's still not one of my favorite people. But I'm gonna go with her anyway.

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