My computer keeps shutting down every three minutes followed by a blue screen what do I do?!?

My norton security is up and I scanned the computer so Many times but this virus won't go away!

Someone please help me

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    9 years ago
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    To avoid Blue Screen of Death at your computer startup, try booting it in the Safe Mode. To do so, restart your computer, press F8 key and select "Safe Mode with Networking" option and press ENTER.

    If the computer fails to boot in Safe Mode as well, then boot your computer from Windows installation disc, wait till the setup program is loaded. Then, click "Repair my computer" link. Follow the instructions that you get on your screen.

    Do the following solutions to fix the Blue Screen of Death:

    [A] Run System File Checker:

    BSOD may occur if your system files are corrupted. The System File Checker is a tool used to replace the corrupted system files. Do below steps:

    1. Click Start | Run.

    2. Type "SFC /ScanNow" and press ENTER.

    3. Follow the instructions on your screen.

    [B] Repair your Registry:

    Outdated and obsolete registry entries cause BSOD on your computer. With the help of a registry cleaner program, scan the registry and fix the internal problems.

    1. Download Reginout Registry Cleaner and install it on your computer.

    2. Run it.

    3. Click "Start Scan" button.

    4. Click "Fix Now" when the scan is completed.

    5. Reboot your system.

    [C] Clean the Junk Files:

    Using Disk CleanUp, delete all the temporary files from your hard disk. This will free-up the disk space and avoid lacking free disk space required to perform the active operations.

    1. Click Start | All Programs | Accessories | System Tools | Disk CleanUp.

    2. Select a drive and click OK.

    3. Follow the on screen instructions.

    4. Do the same for all the remaining drives on your computer.

    [D] Restore the System:

    With the help of System Restore, restore your computer to an earlier state when it was working fine. It is only possible if there is a system restore point available.

    1. Click Start | All Programs | Accessories | System Tools | System Restore.

    2. Follow the wizard on your screen.

    [E] Check RAM for Defects:

    RAM problems many time show BSOD. With the help of Windows Memory Diagnostics, perform a scan and change the RAM, if required.

    1. Click Start.

    2. Type Windows Memory Diagnostic in the Search Box.

    3. Press ENTER.

    [F] Scan the System for Viruses:

    Viruses infected to your computer sometime cause BSOD. Change your antivirus software to a good one, and update it regularly. Perform a full system scan and remove all the infections that found.

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    Blue screen is bad graphic card

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