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Martin Scorsese vs. Quentin Tarantino?

Which one is better director and why?

BQ:what do you think about Quentin Tarantino as a writer?

BQ2:what is their best movie?

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    I believe Scorsese is the more superior director. He pushes the boundaries of film a bit more and his movies are more compelling in my opinion. Both are fantastic though.

    BQ: Tarantino is a fine writer. His dialogue is engaging and he has the great ability to make an unengaging or even unrelated subject sound interesting and relevant. He is also skilled at writing non-linear narratives.


    Scorsese: Taxi Driver

    Tarantino: Pulp Fiction

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    I think Scorsese is the better director because he's better with camera angles and getting great performances out of his actors. Tarantino is certainly talented as well, but he's no Scorsese (yet).

    BQ: I think Tarantino is a brilliant screenwriter. I mean, "Pulp Fiction" was ingenious, as was "Inglourious Basterds."

    BQ2: Scorsese - Hard one! My favorite is "The Departed."

    Tarantino - "Pulp Fiction," hands down.

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    Tarantino. I just prefer his films.

    BA: He's good

    BA2: Reservoir Dogs for Tarantino. For Martin, Goodfellas I guess, i don't even like that film that well.

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