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Are there any baby carriers that can be worn either front or backpack?

My hubby and I are expecting our first baby and we wanted a baby carrier that can be worn in the front or the back. When I read about Baby Bjorns, it says "front or rear facing" but I'm thinking that means the baby can face inward or outward... are there any that can be worn in the front or back?

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  • daa
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    10 years ago
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    Wraps are the most versatile - you can carry baby on your front, back, or hip, and in different positions. If you'd prefer a structured carrier, the Ergo can go front or back.

    There's a good selection and info. here -

  • Ethel
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    10 years ago

    That is correct, facing to the parent's chest or facing out, not on the back of the parent. Ergobaby, Mei Tei wraps, Moby wraps, there are many many many types out there really, mostly wraps of course - but Ergobaby has some structure to it and isn't a wrap.

  • 10 years ago

    I have the Ergo and I love it!

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