Help me with my lineup. answers appriciated. i think i gave enough information?

So here is the deal. I don't use bench batters only pitchers.(I always have people saying im doing it wrong, its been working for me) I am in a ten team league.

C. Nick Dudley

1. Tex

2. Brian Roberts

3. Arod

SS. Henley Ramirez

of. Jacoby ellsbury

Of. Shane vicorino

Of. Hunter pence

utl. Jonathan Herrera

utl. Jeff francour

Sp. Jon lester

sp. Justin verlander

Rp. Leo Nunez

rp. Jeremy hellickson

P. Brett anderson

p. Hiroki kuroda

p. Francisco liriano

p. Chad billingsley

P jair jurrjens

p. James shields

P. Fuesto carmona

P. Zack britton

So plan was to drop jeremy hellickson and pick up I think his name is bruce chen, sp for the royals with rp eligibility. When victor Martinez is healthy trade him for maybe david price and Russel martin? Idk. I got a trade for Manley Ramirez. It was Alexi ramurez and chris young for him.

Brandon mccarthy is still on free agents also.

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    First as far as Nick Hundley as catcher I would try to find a better catcher. Tex at First base is good he's like a top 10 first baseman. Brian Roberts is the same for second. A Rod is top 3 for 3rd Baseman. So that is good. Henley Ramirez is about the best Shortstop you can get. Jacob Ellsbury Ranks around 23 in Out Fielder category! Shane Victorino is 20th! Hunter Pence is 14th. Not sure on two Utility people I just don't have a lot of info.

    What people mean by you doing it wrong is usually your hitters are gonna be more stable and provide better stats and the pitchers are usually gonna be unstable and vary alot in performance. Plus also you have to consider injuries what you will do cause you have no players on the bench there. Also a good strategy for Pitchers is have a few SP namely 2 or 3 really good ones then follow them up with really good RP cause you wanna get those Saves also.

    Now for your pitchers John Lester is about a 8 ranking pitcher. Justin Verlander about 13th! Leo Nunez is about 23 in Relief pitchers. Hellickson was 44 in SP. Brett Anderson is 25 in SP. Kurodo is like 38 in SP. Liariano is 18 in SP. Billingsley is 27th. jurrgens is like 64. Shields is like 57. Carmona I would have left him in the knackers yard. Zack Britton may be that break out Rookie Pitcher everyone looks for.

    Ok so maybe this helps you determine the value of some of these players To me heck I would keep the hitters unless any got real bad or maybe injured then have to think on it.

    Pitchers most definitely to keep and not get rid of unless they go downhill Lester, Verlander, Nunez Anderson, Liariano, Maybe Billinsley and keep Zack Britton. The rest its up to you.

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    what kind of stupid league are you in where u can choose how many pitchers or batters to put out there??? that is retarted, if u were in a normal league u wouldnt have this problem

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