SSD and 15000RPm hardd drive question?

Ive been thinking about getting a Solid state hard drive which can read at 210mb/s etc but then i Saw 15000 RPM hard drives which were 320mbps does this mean threes hard drives are faster then solid state ?


ok thanks you im only using it to put windows 7 on lol then if i get a 15000rpm hard drive for everything else would that be fast enough for me as im a dedicated gamer, so would SSD boot Windows 7 64 bit up faster then a my current hard drives which are both 7200 rpm ? how much of a speed increases would I see if I get a SSD and a 15000rpm hard drive instead of my current 7200rpm ?

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  • 9 years ago
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    The SSD is fastest in "seek" times ...followed by the 15000 then 10000 then the 7200. The high speed conventional disc type (15000/10000 RPM's) are expensive as is the SSD. most people use the SSD for windows only (a 64GB SSD will do nicely) and all the other stuff on a conventional 7200 RPM drive. the "speed" increase only allows you to boot up faster...once loaded it will run as fast ast the CPU/RAM/video card will allow. It really doesn't help with frame rates that much. In boot time the SSD is MUCH faster...My 7200 drive would boot Windows 7 Pro in 48 seconds, with the 64GB SSD on a 6GT/s SATA port it boots up under 9 seconds!

  • Elgg
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    9 years ago

    you dont get a ssd for its read and write rate, you get it cuz it searches ALOT faster (0.1ms for ssd around 10-20ms for normal drives)

    transfer rate is something you dont dont care about at all

    a ssd is always faster then any mechanical drive.

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