I dont know what to do about my so called diabetes.?

I got diagnosed as diabetic a few years ago and I stilll dont believe the diagnosis. Ive only just gone back to the clinic after two years of the doctors nagging me to sort it out. I take liraglutide to help control it but i frequently dont take it as im i dont want to think about it. The doctor/nurse is always on at me about my diabetes but i cant face dealing with it,even when i go there for something else theyre like hows your diabetes blah blah blah blah blah.....

I have a history of eating disorders (bulimia) depression and self harm and am terrified by dieting as it might set that all off again, but they ignore that and are like you must lose whieght. I also dont want to lose whieght because im terrified of men wanting to look at me (due to abuse issues) so its better if im bigger, and i dont want to be like my mother who is diabetic, and the woman disgusts me.

Please help I dont know what to do as i dont want to be diabetic, want to be thinner but cant face dieting and im terrified of my mental health getting anyworse, how do i get the doctors to back off so i can deal with it at my own pace?

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    You need to see a councilor or therapist about this issue. A therapist/psychologist can help you deal with the anxiety you have over your body issues (the fears of being looked-at/abused) and your eating disorder. You even admit that you fear your own mental health issues... please find a mental health professional that can help you adjust to your diagnosis and your new lifestyle.

    If you ignore your diabetes diagnosis for too long you WILL lose your eyesight and probably also loose some limbs... you'll live the rest of your life wheelchair bound and blind wishing that you'd faced up to the diagnosis much sooner. Or worse... you will be lost to a coma till you die drooling in a smelly hospital bed. I'm sorry to be so graphic, but you need to know and understand the very real risk you are taking by trying to ignore your diagnosis and hope it goes away... if you ignore your diagnosis, the diabetes won't go away, your health and your life will go away and that breaks my heart when I know you have the tools to prevent it.

    Your mother is diabetic and gave you a bad example of living with diabetes. My mother, too, is diabetic and has given me a wonderful example of living with diabetes. It doesn't have to be bad or hard, you just need some support and a better role model. The sooner you embrace your diabetes, the easier and better the rest of your life will be. Living with diabetes isn't so horrible a thing... plenty of people, once they embrace their diagnosis, live long fulfilling lives (like my mother who is in complete control of her diabetes and in the peak of health, even competing in high-level athletic competitions.) I would ordinarily suggest a support group but my mother has had a hard time finding one that isn't all about people getting together to complain about their diagnosis or the hardships of eating right, so you may need to be very selective about the kind of "support" you seek. Look for people who have a lot of energy, a lot of "joi de vivre," a positive attitude and a lot of deep understanding of what it's like to overcome obstacles. You may even look to cancer survivors and other positive role models (I personally look up to Sarah Reinertsen: http://alwaystri.com/AlwaysTri.com/Book.html as a fellow triathlete who overcame a very special obstacle) in learning how to live with your unique health concerns.

    If you want the doctors to back off, you need to get yourself some councling support first, talk it over with a therapist and see how that goes. You may need ongoing support to deal with deep-seated issues like the ones you already acknowledge... why go through life suffering from anxieties AND diabetes when you can tackle both side-by-side? This is your life and it is worth working hard to make your life more beautiful and enjoyable! You're worth it! Then go back to your doctors and explain, in as much depth as you feel comfortable, your situation and exactly how you are dealing with it. Let them tell you what the priorities are and set up a workable plan and time-line for incorporating other aspects of treatment into your lifestyle (weight-loss and living with diabetes isn't a "diet" or "treatment plan"... it's a whole lifestyle and you will be happier and healthier once you LIVE as a diabetic rather then just COPING with diabetes.) You don't have to be your mother... you can embrace the lifestyle of a healthy diabetic. You are your own first defense against the pain that improperly treated diabetes can cause and you need grab your diabetes by the horns asap. You have your whole life ahead of you. Don't waste time pretending you don't have it because it will maim and kill you if you don't do something. Once you take control of it, however, life can be great and you'll wonder why you waited so long.

    If you need further support please feel free to message me. Growing up with a diabetic mother and seeing how she lives with it has made this an important topic for me. My mother is my hero in so many ways, but the grace and strength with which she deals with her (type 1) diabetes despite her various anxieties is a big part of that. I've never really thought of diabetes as a "disease"... it's more a physical feature, like brown hair or blue eyes, that one learns to live with and just becomes part of how a person lives their life. Best of luck and please feel free to message me,


    Source(s): My mother and her brother have type 1 and both my father's parents and his sister have type 2. And yet, we are a very healthy family.
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    I'm a type 1 diabetic, I have to inject myself regularly. One of the things I've noticed that if your blood sugar isn't under control it affects your mental state, so taking your meds makes you feel calmer and helps you think clearer.

    Ignoring it won't make it go away, it'll just damage your kidneys, eyes, nerves and so on.

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    10 years ago

    Don't diet. Just exercise regularily, take your medication and cut back on fatty foods. I lost around 15 kgs in two months that way. Also, I smoked a lot, but that's counter-productive.

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    10 years ago

    You need to listen to your doctor and start watching your diabetes. It will do you much better in the end.

    You also should visit a psychologist on your eating disorder issue

    Source(s): Fiance has diabetes.
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    10 years ago

    You are lucky. You should really stay on your medication. All you have to do is eat a pill. I have to take up to 5 injections of insulin a day.

    Does that sound worse than a measly pill to you?


    Source(s): Type one diabetic.
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    10 years ago

    You can't just deny your blood's chemistry do you want to end up in a coma? I know reality can suck. I never wanted to be gay but hey you gotta accept reality and deal with it. There is only one pace you should be going at and it's the one recommended by the professionals.

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    talk about your fears with your doctor. it's something that's hard to come to terms with but you'll be much healthier if you did. be sure to let him know of your past with eatting. if you still have problems talking to a couselor and sorting out your feelings can be very helpful.

    Source(s): I'm a CNA my mom, grandma, and grandpa are all diabetic, have sturggled with eatting in the past, and am a student in human services which is like couseling.
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    Spiritually, it looks like it's time to see another doctor that's not only helpful with your physical health problems but also sympathetic towards what's happening with your mind.

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