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I bought a small condo about a year ago. The previous owner told me pets were allowed. Just before I moved?

in, my dog had died of old age. I now wanted to get another. My association now decides to ban dogs. When I called the women in charge, she told me the owner lied about the pet situation. It gets a bit lonely coming home to a empty place. I was thinking of asking my doctor for a note stating a dog would be a kind of therapy for anxiety. I think he would write it. Could someone help me put this into words? I could give it to my doctor and have him put it on letterhead. I would appreciate it. Please, no smart remarks.

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    Interesting that you put this in the "Law & Ethics" category, since what you are asking is neither ethical or legal.

    A "doctors note" does not magically turn some mongrel into a "therapy dog", "emotional support animal" or "service dog". Strike out.

    If you are lonely, join a club, spend some time reading to kids at the library, volunteer at a Center for Independent Living serving the disabled, go to the gym, drive for Meals on Wheels, or any other number of constructive activities. Do not lie just to get your way when you already know the rules. Doing so would only verify that you do not have the basic human tenets of Honor, Integrity, Courage, or Responsibility.

    Source(s): Husband of guide dog user who has her guide because she is disabled, not because she is "lonely".
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    The pet policy is something that is in writing and not dependent on the word of the previous owner. That dog won't hunt.

    No, the fact that you're lonely and would like a friend is not sufficient to force a condo to allow you to bring in an animal counter to their policies. It doesn't matter if you have a doctor write about this on letterhead or a plumber write about this on the back of a cereal box.

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    you signed the agreement to follow the rules, now you should find a new place or live with it. maybe see if you can get a pet fish or something, most people don't consider fish pets.

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    some smart advice is not to lie. could get you tossed out. and you want your doctor to lie. your a real piece of work.

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