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How many hours in a year?

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    1 year = 8 765.81277 hours

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    The year being defined as 31,556,925.9747 seconds, there are 8765.8127 hours of 3600 seconds each in one year.

    By multiplication of days , there are 8766 hours in a Julian year of 365.25 days. (Excess hours form leap days). The solar year consists of 365.256366 days, and a siderial day is currently 23 hours 56 min 4.1 sec.

    But for calendar purposes there are 8760 hours in 365 days, and 8784 in leap years.


    A year is not exactly 365 days - that is the reason why we have leap years. A year is about 365.25 days, hence why leap years are every four years, because, of course, it has to be multiplied by four in order to add up to a whole day.

    If you multiply 24 by 365.25, you get 8766 hours in a year. The exact number of days in a year is a bit less than 365.25, it's more like 365.24, and that equals 8765.76. It's still a bit less, which is why the first answer is correct. Between times at the same point in the Earth's orbit, it's about 8765 hours, 48 minutes and 36 seconds.

    24 hours a day x 365 days =8760 hours a year

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    common year has 8760 hours,leap year has 8784 hours

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