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幫翻譯影片 急




非常急 謝謝

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    pilot is flying with no hands. literally

    Jessica Coffs is the nationa's first and only lincensed pilot who has no arms.

    When I tell people that I'm a pilot, they are like, What?

    Jessica was born without arms but she can do almost everything with just her feet from putting in her contacts to texting her friends on her cell phone. Even playing the piano. Jessica has a black belt in Taekwondo. She makes a living as a motivational speaker, but always had a fear of flying, so Jessica decided to face her fear head on and got a pilot license. She talked with our Jim Moray.

    How is it possible to fly a plane without hands.?

    You know,I... even hard for me to believe when I'm talking about it. you just do it.

    Jessica invited us up for a spin high above the Arizona desert. Her lucky flying shirt reads: "Look Ma, no hands" she showed us how she controled her plane.

    and I would have my right foot right here on the yoke, and my left foot on the throttle, and I'm using my big toe to push on the "push to talk" switch.

    So you feel perfectly safe?

    I do. yes.

    Is there any issue of safety at all?

    you know there's not, after an hour, you know just like driving through in a car after an hour or so, you don't even realize she has no arms.

    Our camara was mounted inside the small plane to see Jessica in action. watch as she takes off, Jessica uses her left foot to control the throttle then her right foot pulls out the wheel as she lifts off. It looks scary but she does it like a pro. and watch as she make a picture perfect landing. She stretches her legs and opens the cockpit windows.

    How was the flight?

    That was fun!!



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