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請問這是什麼意思? (有關信用狀)

1) No Letter of Credit Advising charges payable by you to your bank2) No other bank charges that is leviable by negotiation of documents against Letter of Credit (L.C commission etc.,)3) No L.C confirmation charges payable by you to your bank4) Lastly no hardships in making documents as per L.C. and for every mistake they will deduct a minimum of USD 30.00


請問上述何意? 勿用翻譯軟體

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    1) 無需支付信用狀通知費用給您的銀行。2) 無其他因信用狀交單之讓購所產生之可課稅銀行費用 (信用狀手續費用等)3) 無需支付信用狀保兌費用給您的銀行。4) 最後,按每份信用狀於開立單據上絕無困難,同時針對每項錯誤將至少扣除美金30.00元。

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    2) 信用狀押匯時不需支付(押匯)銀行其他手續費(如信用狀拥金等費用)

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