Operating temperature of a PTC Thermistor?

What does the Operating Temperature of a PTC Thermistor mean? Does it mean that it will only reduce between temps of 50C and 150C. I have found a wide range of thermistors but am a little lost on the operating temperature.


Lokesh: You are refering to a NTC Thermistor. I am not looking for incorrectinformation copied off of the internet. I am looking for someone who has actually had experience with thermistors and will provide the correct information

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    What does statement: "does it mean that it will only reduce between temps..." mean?. I am unable to understand the meaning of reduce... in this context.

    A thermistor is used to MEASURE temperature. The range over which it will give satisfactory results is in this case 50 degC to 150 degC. The electronics converting this resistance to a voltage can be at 25 degC. The characteristics of the thermistor between 50 deg and 150 deg is what is specified by manufacturer. You could keep it at 0 degC and measure the resistance, but manufacturer does not want to indicate what that would be. Nor at 151 degC. A thermometer such as clinical thermometer is expected to be used from 95degF to 110 degF. No more. If you increase the temperature beyond this, the glass enclosure might break spilling the mercury out.. similarly all devices including the thermistor has some "specs" that one should respect.. If I need to measure temperature from -50 degC to 120 degC, I will select a thermistor rated for that "operating" temperature. If I have more details of temperature range you are looking for and circuit if any that you wish to use, I can provide better answers.

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    first one is correct

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