charging 60AH car battery with laptop charger?

im going to charge my car battery. which is now at 11.88 volt. back to its normal state at around 12.45 volt.

is it been done before?

is it safe.

is there any probability that either the laptop charger adaptor or the car battery will explode?.

thanks in advance.

oh, my laptop charger is 15volt 5 ampere.


thanks tom. i dont care if it is slow charging. i still think it is faster than charging the same battery with solar panel...maybe?

i only want to know if something will explode. i dont want to be the first casualty though.

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  • lare
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    9 years ago
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    not a good idea. your laptop has internal circuitry to properly charge its battery. the adaptor is just a "dumb" 15 volt power source that will crap out at 5 amps. 11.88 volts means your car battery is seriously discharged. the problem is not slow charging, the problem is that putting 15 volts on the battery may cause it to draw 20 or 30 amps in recharging, the adaptor has no current limiting capability and if you are lucky, it will just power down. the result will be it will not charge the battery, be fried, or both.

  • 9 years ago

    hmmm - no

    that's like filling your swimming pool -

    by a sixteen oz cup - using the straw

    your car battery is so much more in capacity

    than your laptop

    you will burn up your laptop charger

    all the best - I would NOT do it (can't even hook it up)

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