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will these computer parts work together?

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    In a word, yes :)

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    Case - Any will do.

    Motherboard - very good choice

    CPU - If you MUST use AMD, please wait until Bulldozer (codename for a new CPU line). a similarly priced BD CPU could put out 2 or 3 times the performance of the Athlon if the benchmarks come true. you will not regret it. if you need a computer now, go for an i5 2500K (you'll need to change the motherboard too). its the best bang for the buck since Q6600

    RAM - Yes, those will word great.

    PSU - excellent choice. always buy the best PSU you can afford when building your computer, because everything else depends on the reliability of the PSU. if the PSU dies, theres a good chance all your other hardware will die in the process. always stick to well known names (cooler master, Corsair, Seasonic etc.)

    Video - that is a workstation GPU. you did not specify exactly what you are doing with your computer, like gaming, CAD, Photoshop etc., but if you're doing gaming or video/photo, stick with a Geforce 5xx series or Radeon 6xxx series. (i recommend GTX 560 or HD 6950 for less than $250)

    Audio - you do not need a dedicated audio card unless you have a very nice 7.1 speaker system or above. most motherboards come with adequate integrated sound for the average/semi-hardcore user

    HDD - those are decent. if you want better performance and more storage go for Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB (only $10 more). it is one of the fastest 7200rpm Hard drives currently available for less than $150. plus there is twice the storage per drive. are you planning on doing RAID, or are these just for storage? a single SP F3 will do if you are not doing raid and only need 1TB

    Optical drive - this does basically the same thing for a much lower price

    good luck!!

    EDIT: i misread your question. you ARE veering this thing for gaming right?

    then spend more money on a better video card, which is what determines gaming performace. you could have a $5000 48-Core CPU, and 128GB 5000Mhz RAM and with that FirePro, games wouldn't go beyond minimum settings.

    you may even want to sacrafice your RAM for a better video card (if you can't afford both). 4GB is more than enough for gaming currently. just be sure to get a dual channel kit (2x2GB RAM) to avoid bottlenecking.

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    1. The CPU isn't bad, but it isn't great. Get a Phenom II x4 at the very least.

    2. Why would you buy two separate sticks of RAM? Get a 2x4GB kit.

    3. 750w is major overkill and while Cooler Master isn't bad, they aren't that great, either. A 550w Antec or Corsair would be more than enough to run this.

    4. Your video card is idiocy. Why in the HELL would you get a workstation-class card for gaming? No. Just no. That's an absurd waste of money considering how crappily it will perform in games. For $129 you could probably get a GTX 460.

    5. Why a separate audio card? You're getting a nice motherboard that should be just fine with onboard audio. If you want a separate audio card, don't go with PCI, which is slowly being phased out. Get a PCIe card.

    6. That DVD drive is a ripoff. You can get a DVD-RW drive for less than $20 these days.

    And finally, why Tiger Direct? They aren't bad, but I find that tends to have prices that are a bit better and combo deals on certain parts that will save money.

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    Since you're from Canada, stick to

    I agree with Vomit, go with a Phenom II X4 at least. The Phenom II X4 955 BE or 965 BE are dirt cheap nowadays. And if you plan on gaming, then you need to ditch that workstation card. At least opt for the HD 5770, or GTX 460 in the very least.

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    And here has your processor for $10 bucks cheaper. I've spent thousands at newegg and never had trouble with them.

    here's a card that is meant for gaming at a great price.

    I see that the hard drives are actually a lot cheaper at Tiger. I would actually order from both companies to get the best price.

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