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Should I quit college sports?

I'm in my freshman year of college and I'm debating to quit playing college sports. Throughout middle school and high school I loved playing my sports, but I'm starting to question whether it's worth continuing. It takes up about three hours a day. As my coach said, "You're an average athlete that could become a great athlete--like All-American potential--if you work really, really hard." I've always dreamed of going pro for a year or two after college, but always knowing that I couldn't make a longterm living around it, yet I'm not even interested in doing that anymore.

I had a teacher my senior year of high school that brought me a side and told me, "Once you stop running of course, you can change the world if you're as dedicated to it as you are to running." It caught me off guard and I didn't really know what she meant by it, but I'm beginning to question maybe it's a cue.

Also, I've been injured most of the last three years.

I have strong grades--4.0 GPA at a highly regarded university.

I'm involved in several internships.

Plan to join to Peace Corps upon graduation.

Then, work for a grassroots organization.

Then, attend a top 14 Law School.

Then, practice law.

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    Do what makes you happy, if going to practice feels more like a chore than something you like to do, then don't do it. But then again, you only go through college once. Live life to the fullest .

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