How do you make people like you in Middle School?

Okay so Im a guy in middle school im generally likable but not the most popular in school. I want my name to be out there in school so people know Im not a nobody and i do want to be popular. Im not a nerd, i wear current clothes,Im funny, shower everyday, and hang out with cool kids. Now i have a brother that is actually more popular than me in school. I have no idea why cause he acts almost like me and it pisses me off. Is there anyway I can act in a way that much more people can like me?Possibly more towards girls? I don't care if it means changing my current personality or being fake cuz i hate my personality right now. I would realy appreciate your answers.

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  • 10 years ago
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    Number 1, don't be fake, stay who you are, your personality as well as there's will change in the coming years through high school. If you aren't into sports, give them a shot (mainly football, basketball, or baseball), because the most popular people are the ones on sports teams. Talk to EVERYONE. I don't mean just the cool people, I mean everyone. When I was in high school, I was the quarterback on the football team; I was supposed to only hang out with cheerleaders and other jocks, right? WRONG! I talked to everyone and was friends with just about everybody in school. Be friends with everybody and you're golden, everybody will know your name. Oh and with girls, don't be afraid to talk to any of them, no matter how good looking they are. Girls like confidence. (Don't be an arrogant SOB though)

  • 10 years ago

    dont be a fake isnt crap as soon as u get out of school if uve been fake your life will turn to crap trust me i know if u wanan be noticed then do some outrageous ****

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