killed the electric car?

ok i saw the movie who killed the electric car.......with ford, Nissan, toyota and chevy coming out the electric car....will they kill the electric car agian or are they here 4 good??????????

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  • 10 years ago
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    OK one more time the CONSUMER killed the electric car.

    Here's a few facts that the movie didn't touch on, GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota all had electric cars. Chrysler sold less than 100 , ford 1,500. The demand just wasn't there. They couldn't produce enough car to turn a profit. There have been many cars that have been killed just for that reason.

    The demand for electric cars still isn't here. When compared to an equivalent gas powered car electric cars lose out every time. They cost way more than gas powered cars, with a break even point of 4 to 5 years with gas at $5 per gallon and assuming you pay nothing for electricity and it's about to get much longer once electric cars finally start paying for the roads they are using for free right now because electric car aren't paying road tax.. And you should hear the owners of electric car crying. "What!! we have to PAY to use the road, but we're the good people."

    Now look at the range in the early 1900's you could get up to a 100 mile on a charge, and today you get surprise about a 100 miles on a charge. So in over a 100 years they have gained nothing on range. (yes I know there are claims of 250+ miles but in the real world testing they tend to die at about 100 miles)

    Also depending on how you get your power you might be putting out more co2 then a gas powered car, something else they didn't tell you in the movie.

    Basically right now an electric car is a "It makes me feel good, and it shows I care, and I'm better then those driving gas powered cars, because I'm one of the good people."

    But unless the price of electric cars goes way down (by 50% or more) or the price of fuel goes way way up, ($15 or more in today's dollars) electric cars will slowly die out again. Just like they did in the 1910's and 1920's

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    10 years ago

    The electric car could be here for the duration, unless the price of gas goes down again. The petro-giants are very manipulative with the gas prices. The reason that they killed the electric car in the 90's was that gas prices when down and we could afford to drive again.

    Another reason that GM killed the EV1 was that they marketed it very poorly. I was on the design team for the EV1 and from the very beginning it was to be a commuter car. The average commute is 25 miles. Any EV can go 25 miles, charged up while at work and be driven home. Most EV's can do the round trip. It's a commuter car. If you want to drive to Las Vegas then drive the gas car in the garage, or even better rent a van or SUV to get there and then you do not have to pay all year to own a vehicle that is only used to it's potential a few times a year.

  • 10 years ago

    Do you know how hard it is to keep a secret among 3 people? Can you imagine a secret kept among 1,000 people or more? That is why I don't belive in conspiracy theories.

    What killed the electric car 15 years ago was us (and battery technology). Would you buy a car the goes only 30 miles per charge, and you have to spend 12 hours recharging, and the battery, costing as much as $10,000, would need to be replaced every 4-5 years?

    The problem is that rechargeable battery technology has not advanced enough. The closest is lithium ion batteries (some e-cars will use these as in the $100,000 Tesla Roadster), the same technology as in laptop batteries, which have been known to start fires.

    The future of electric cars has to come after we have a better battery technology. A123 has a innovative nanoparticle lithium phosphate battery, which is less prone to explode, and is really high capacity. That might take off if cost were not so high. Perhaps the real solution is ultra capacitors -- stotage of enegy, not as chemical battery storage, but in infinitely rechargeable physical capaitors. That is the hope.

  • 10 years ago

    The concept of the electric car now has a lot of momentum with every automobile manufacturer having either a prototype, designs or a planned release of an electric vehicle in the next two years. But big oil has not played its last cards. Who can say what tricks they will pull out of their hats to try and kill the competition. When oil companies start posting something other than record profits or maybe even losses then you can say that the electric car is here to stay.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    A murder mystery, a call to arms and an effective inducement to rage, Who Killed the Electric Car? is the latest and one of the more successful additions to the growing ranks of issue-oriented documentaries.

    - The New York Times

    A potent hybrid of passion and politics fuel this energetic and highly compelling documentary.

    - Michael Rachtshaffen, Hollywood Reporter

    If $3-a-gallon gasoline doesn't make you hate the big oil companies, the shocking revelations in Chris Paine's thought-provoking documentary Who Killed the Electric Car? will.

    - V. A. Musetto, New York Post

  • 10 years ago

    I think they'll be around for a while if not forever in some capacity now.

    That movie is kind of a one sided documentary and out dated. I consider the EV1 as an experiment by GM. The EV1's were all Leased and not Sold for a reason. So they could take them back just in case. GM should be praised for throwing it out there, not damned! They were the 1st!

    They are now not only 'Selling' them, but putting them into mass production unlike the EV1. This means you can own one forever and nobody can take it which means they are in fact committed... and I mean all the manufactures who are making them, not just GM.

    I read an article that Tesla is selling some of there technology to Toyota and is going to work with them on some stuff. We'll see what happens.

  • Mr.357
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    10 years ago

    That was just a hit piece. I think consumers killed the electric car. They are too expensive and do not work for the way most people use a vehicle. I don't know if much has changed over the years.

  • Speed
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    10 years ago

    Regardless of what that movie said, the reason the electric car died was because of initial expense, weight of the batteries, poor performance on the road, and limited driving range. The newer electric cars improve a lot in these areas, but it will be up to the people buying cars to decide if they will continue in production. If very few buy them, they will go away.

  • See the EV-1 far better than that the top manufactures offer now and claim as state of the art. The automotive makers what to start over again with a crude electric car and slowly improve it over many many years.

  • 10 years ago

    It's trying to come back to life. It wasn't really dead completely and it will never die for good, not with all the instability inherent in oil.

    If they try to kill it again, it will only be back, bigger and stronger. They're only getting better. They've been waiting on the batteries that are finally starting to come up to speed, thanks to the consumer electronics industry.

    And the oil situation is only going to get worse. The oil companies know the end time is drawing near for them. They plan stuff out 30, 50, 100 years ahead, and it don't look good.

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