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Obama's early life if interested in real facts?

Stanley Ann Dunham was from Kansas but moved around with family from California, Oklahoma, Texas, Washington, Hawaii but spent most of her later years in Indonesia perusing her career. Her father wanted a boy to name after himself and when he had a girl instead, gave her the "chosen" name. She went by Ann when she grew tired of explaining why she had a boys name.

Ann met Barack Obama while attending college in Hawaii in a Russian English class. They married in Feb 1961 in Maui, Hawaii, in a private ceremony despite parental opposition from both families. Dunham was 18 and Obama 23 when they married. (Dunham was much later to learn that Obama had a pregnant wife and infant son in Kenya.)

Barack Jr. was born 6 months later on Aug 4, 1961 at Kapi'olani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital (now called Kapi'olani Medical Center for Women and Children) in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Anna dropped out of college in Hawaii to attend to her son and moved him to Seattle. They lived in Apartment 2 of the Villa Ria Apartments at 516 13th Avenue E on Capitol Hill. She is listed in the Washington phone book for that year. (1961 Polk Directory, Seattle Public Library.) While she enrolled at the University of Washington in 1962, her husband enrolled in the University of Hawaii the same year.

She only spent a year in Washington once again returning to Hawaii and by then her husband was attending Harvard. Her college credits from Washington University were transferred to the University of Hawaii where she again enrolled.

In 1964 Ann and Barack divorced. In 1965 Obama Sr graduated from Harvard with an economic background and returned to Kenya that same year. He was employed as senior economist in the Kenyan Ministry of Finance but lost his job after a car accident. He then wrote a couple of books which resulted with him being black-listed by the Kenyan government.

He had been Catholic, later Muslim and finally atheist and alcoholic. He was killed in a car accident in 1982 after being in two previous accidents. The first auto accident had severely injured one leg and he had been hospitalized almost a year. The second accident cost him both legs and the final accident killed him. He died at 46. He was married at least 3 times with children from each marriage but multiple marriages are allowed in Kenya so he could have had more wives as was the custom.

Ann had met Lolo Soetora at the University of Hawaii when he was there on visa from Indonesia. They married on March 15, 1965. When his visa expired, he returned to his home in Jakarta. Ann Dunham graduated from the University of Hawaii in 1967 and then to Indonesia to join her second husband, Lolo Soetora, taking young Barack with her. For 2 ½ years in Jakarta, young Barack attended St Francis Assisi Catholic School for the first grade, second and half of the third grade. Barack then attended Besuki public school for the rest of the third and all of the 4th grade

Before entering the 5th grade, he was sent back to Hawaii to again live with his grandparents. His grandmother enrolled him in Punahou School, a private school with steep tution which she was able to afford due her Vice Presidents job at the Bank of Hawaii.

Again Ann was to return to Hawaii (now with baby daughter, Maya) to join her son and begin graduate study in anthropology at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

She and Lolo was legally divorced in 1980 but never lived together again after 1974. Lolo remarried and had two more children before his death of liver failure at 52. He had been employed as a Geologist for Mobil Oil Corporation. He was of Muslim faith but reported to spend more time working than praying.

Ann and her daughter were again to return to her work in Jakarta and still living there when she became ill. She returned to Hawaii to learn she had uterine and ovarian cancer and died at 52 years old. (Same age at death as Lolo, incidentally.)

From all appearances, it does not appear Barack Sr and Ann ever lived together or were geographically located during their 3 year marriage. My personal thought is they married simply because she was pregnant which would have been common back then rather than the stigma of being an unwed mother.

Apparently from all I can gather, not only was Obama’s father a stranger to him, his mother was absent most of his life, as well, working in Indonesia.

I would have to question the legality of their marriage if Senior Obama already had a wife in Kenya but since a divorce was granted to Ann Dunham, then apparently that marriage was either overlooked, never reported or his Kenyan marriage of no importance in the US.

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    Even though this is not a question I cannot thank you enough for using facts to show where Obama was born rather than false claims backed up by little evidence. Good for you!

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    actuality: Obama refuses to denounce his pastor He has denounced him now. yet specific, he at first basically denounced his comments, till he felt like Wright replace into betraying him and accusing him of keeping the comparable radical perspectives. actuality: Obama has been a member of Rev. Wright's church for over twenty years. specific, that's real. So? i'm getting the sensation Wright wasn't speaking approximately Chickens coming living house to roost on 9/11 in the process the Nineteen 1880s. besides, they do communicate approximately different stuff at that church. actuality: Obama states that Wright is area of an offended era who's concerns are real. most of the failings Wright says are real. that's the way he says them - angrily, divisively - that makes him diverse from Obama and extra of a relic of the previous. actuality : Obama denounces the Rev. Wright now that he's dropping states. He denounces now that he feels betrayed in my view and the media circus is threatening to overshadow any real concern. actuality : If Obama isn't to blame for Wright's words why is he denouncing him now? He denounced them in the previous too. He has continuously denounced them. he's denouncing them by way of fact human beings such as you will characteristic those words to him till he denounces them. actuality: If what Wright stated is real why is Obama denouncing him now? Obama particularly denounced the AIDS remark. And he has additionally denounced the divisiveness and way Wright made the comments, to divide blacks and whites, and to stoke anger and concern. He in no way stated that the US government did no longer dedicate adverse crimes interior the previous or undertake strikes that contributed to 9/11 actuality: If Wright is like an uncle to him, why is Obama denouncing him now? he's like the Uncle who's attempting to destroy your existence actively. you decrease your uncle some slack, yet whilst he molests you... actuality: If Martin Luther King stated comparable statements why is Obama denouncing Wright now? Martin Luther King made many comparable factors to Wright - the US being an imperial capacity, killing innocents in Vietnam . He replace into heavily criticized for this on the time - you forget that King replace into so hated with the aid of some human beings he replace into assassinated. His comments approximately race have been extra constructive, uplifting, and unifying.

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