Why did Randy Jackson yell "Who;s down with O.P.P.?"?

During Michael Jackson's 30 anniversary special, while they performed their Jackson five special performance of ABC , Randy steals the show with "who's down with O.P.P, does anyone know what made Randy do that? apparently it wasn't part of the act. please share.

thanks in advance.

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    1 decade ago
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    Some think Randy said "You down with O.P.P.(other people's property)?" because Jermaine was sleepin with his baby mama Alejandra. Both Randy & Jermaine have 2 kids by Alejandra making them brothers/sisters/cousins.

    Another reason is the rap song "O.P.P." samples from the Jackson 5's "ABC" song which is what they were singing at the time of Randy's random outburst.

    For whatever reason Randy said that, Michael looked at him like O.P.P.? WTF?

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    5 years ago

    yes michael was not happy and thought randy what i jackass that was prety funny thou . micheal went rite back thou to singing like a boss!!

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