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need some advice on longboard wheels?

i cant decide which longboard wheels i should get once my dregs luv yo muthas are done. Im debating between abec 11 bigzigs lime, or lemon. Or the otang in heats orange. which should i get, and i want to do more slides so take that into consideration please !!!


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    Well If you want to slide a lot. Get some pretty hard wheels (harder the wheel, less friction, more slide). From Orangutang the best slide wheels from the sizes you listed (75mm) would be the Orangutang Durians (86a), the In Heats and the Bigzigs are usually more for gripping but will slide once the edges are broken in. But there are things to consider. If the wheel is too large you'll get wheel bite and that won't be any fun. Smaller wheels, side set wheels, and wheels with a smaller contact patch slide better and easier. Orangutang Stimulus (86a) would be the better choice and is more popular. If wheel bite isn't a problem, the best slide wheels I've heard of is the 75mm Zombie Hawgz (88a).

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    get some rg712s

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