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Do Military Recruiters tell kids 10,000 Iraq Vets and 150,000 Vietnam Vets Committed Suicide?

Do they also Tell them the following?

Do they tell them 250,000 Veterans of the 1st Gulf War Have been Poisoned by Depleted Uranium, causing more then 10,000 deaths?

Do they tell them many 7000 veterans commit suicide ever year?

Do they tell them 10,000 Iraq Vets Committed Suicide?

Do they tell them 80,000 Iraq Veterans Attempted Suicide?

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Do they tell them 1 in 3 or 500,000 Iraq Veterans Have PTSD?

Do they tell them 150,000 Vietnam Veterans Committed Suicide?

Do they tell them 100,000 Vietnam Veterans (appox) Have died from Agent Orange?

Do they tell them many veterans are put on medications due to PTSD and TBI, Which side effects are suicidal tendencies?

Do they tell them you may have anxiety and panic attacks for 20,40 years or more?

Do they tell them you may Develop agoraphobia, where you feel scared to leave the house?

Do they tell them you may snap everytime the doorbell rings, or telephone rings, as your brain thinks its a bomb or gunfire?

Do they tell them you may be stop-lossed, or forced to stay in beyond there contract?

Do they tell them you may become a pow and be tortured?

Do they tell them you may live the rest of your life in a wheelchair?

Do they tell them The national accidental death and suicide rate is fourteen thousand men per year—33 percent above the national average and Of those veterans who were married before going to Vietnam, 38 percent were divorced within six months after returning from Southeast Asia.

Do they tell them The divorce rate amongst Vietnam veterans is above 90 percent.

Do they tell them over 500,000 Vietnam veterans have been arrested or incarcerated by the law. It is estimated that there are over 100,000 Vietnam vets in prison today, and 200,000 on parole.

Drug-and-alcohol abuse problems range between 50 percent and 75 percent.

Do they tell them Forty percent of Vietnam veterans are unemployed and 25 percent earn less than seven thousand dollars per year.

Do they tell them, your friend might get shot in the face, and he brains might land right in your face?

Do they tell them 200,000 Veterans are Currently Homeless and 1 Million Have been homeless since 1966?

Do they tell them the government tries to deny benefits?

Do they tell them there are 40% of veterans who REGRET Joining?

Do they tell them 1 in 3 girls are raped in the military?

Do they tell them, your friend may be in a lot of pain, and ask you to kill him for you.

Do they tell them, You may be crazy for the rest of your life, there is a chance you will be mentally unstable with servere PTSD

Do they tell them, You may get your legs blown off, your arms blown off?

Do they tell them you may have a serious anger problem and abuse your loved ones when you get home?

Do they tell them, you may never find civilian work, except become a police officer?

Do they tell them, the biggest business in the world is war. And politicans wage war for profits, and think of the troops as suckers. In 1973 Henry Kissinger said and I quote "Military Men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy"

Do they tell them veterans wake up in the middle of the night screaming and crying from nightmares?

Do they tell them the U.S. Government now lists returning veterans as domestic terrorists?

Do they tell them 75% of serial Killers are ex-military, such as:

John Allen Muhammad

Timothy McVeigh

Jeffrey Dahmer

David Berkowitz

Charles Whitman

Arthur Shawcross

Robert Lee Yates

Gary Ridgeway

Richard Allen Davis

Gerald Parker

Col. Russell Williams

Why dont military recruiters tell young naive teens any of the stuff i listed? How much commissions does a recruiter get for signing up a new enlistee??

This recruiter needs his *** kicked:

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They make children play a video game called army experience

Do they tell you they have a quota to make?

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(Report by NBC)

U.S. Military Out of our High Schools and Colleges!

Raise the Minimum age to join to 21!

Abolish the SSS!

U.S. Should have never ever went to war in the middle east!!

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    why dont you just state the U S do away with its military and have no defense at all.

    The recruiters cant help it if the enlistees cant take it mentally. Some people join and dont

    have a strong mentality anyway. I am a combat veteran of vietnam and I have not once

    thought of taking my life. I knew what I was gettin into. Some of the stuff you have listed is a bunch of bull. Because you are weak and a lot of others are to dont think every veteran is. I would be associated with veterans than jack A**** like you.

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