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What is dark skin... No, seriously?

See her... (Alek Wek)

Now see her... (Gabrielle Union)

Most people see Gabrielle as dark skin, but I see her as brown. Alek Wek is way darker than her. So, what is dark skin? Are they both dark skin?

So, when black rappers diss dark skin females are they dissing females like Gabrielle or Alek Wek?

Gabrielle is lighter than her, so I'll consider her brown and Alek Wek dark.

How about you?

Or are they both still dark skin?

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    well if u ask me u can get alsorts of shades colours , people are darker than Alek and some are lighter than Gabrielle.

    yeah i think that Gabrielle is more brown but to be honest anything that isnt white is called dark skin :L

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    dark skin is what YOU think it is

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