Is there any Jewish organization that helps Non-Jews?

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    Ach, let's google "Jewish hospital" and see what comes up.

    Here's one

    David Eddings (the writer) bequeathed $10 million to National Jewish Health (elsewhere National Jewish Medical and Research Center), specifically for the "Fund to Cure Asthma." He wasn't Jewish, but his wife was asthmatic.

    Read the article, a Jewish organization which is regarded as the top respiratory hospital in the U.S. is seeking to prevent asthma altogether. To benefit everyone.

    Source(s): P.S. Jewish hospitals tended to be founded to ensure Jewish doctors had a place to work, even with discrimination against them was bad.
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    Many Jewish organizations provide help to non-Jews (depends on what type of help is needed). Contact your local Jewish Community Center or Synagogue for assistance or for guidance to find the most appropriate organization to provide assistance, since there are far more non-Jewish organizations with plenty of resources that provide help for non-Jews.

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    9 years ago

    answer: You mean like how Israel is one of the first nations to send aid to other countries ravaged by natural disasters? Or how Jews have always been at the forefront of civil rights issues? Or the groups that help restore Israel for the benefit of all citizens, not just Jewish ones? Or more grass root groups in the states that work very hard in interfaith charity groups to help communities?

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    Yes. Jews foster the "Noahide," or children of Noah: Haredic Gentiles that take part in Hashem's plans without actually becoming a Jew.

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  • 9 years ago

    something like helping Palestine? Go to

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