How did Howard Carter find the Tomb Of Tutankhamun?

I went to Egypt back in 2008. When we were there we booked a trip to Luxor and Cairo from where we were staying in Hurghada. Anyway, the possessions in the Cairo Museum of Tutankhamen's were massive. Every item Howard Carter found. Anyways,

We went and paid to go and see Tutankhamen in the Valley of the Kings and his tomb was not that big. Were his possessions placed elsewhere? The mummy was found in it's gold Case..(can't think of the other word) and it was then inside a big golden box going in one by one. So the tour guide told us.

Where he was placed (in the Box) Was huge. Could it of really fitted into the tiny room where Howard Carter discovered him?


Why was he disliked?

We were told he died of a few possible things. Broken leg, someone assasinated him ect. Could it be he was disliked so much, someone wanted to kill him?

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    You're lucky - I'm still hoping to go to Egypt! I did see his magnificent exhibition, though.

    It took years for Carter to find the tomb. Here are two sites which tell the story; they're far too long to copy and paste:

    Here's a piece on Tutankhamun's death:

    Here's an article on him as Pharaoh:

    The great sarcophagus was (and is) there in the tomb when discovered, but I don't know how it got there in the first place.

    Here's a site with more information, a plan of the tomb and some super pictures:

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    Recently, scientists took a CT scan of Tut's body and their final conclusion is that he died from an infection of his leg combined with malaria.

    Tut was not disliked, but he was also not greatly loved. He was a so-so Pharaoh.

    Tut's tomb was discovered when Carter was digging and found a few burial artifacts which led to the discovery of the tomb.

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    The discovery of Tut was one of the most famous in history because all of his belongings were crammed into a tiny room. By the time he was buried, he was so disliked that they didn't build him an elaborate tomb. Also it wasn't wise to have a large tomb because grave robbers were so good at what they did.

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