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Who are the best in Miami Heat history?






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    C: Shaq (I personally think this should honestly be Zo because Zo was a center and not a power forward but I can not put Brian Grant or Chris Bosh on the all-time team)

    PF: Zo. Like I said, Zo is a center but this team is still better off with Zo and Shaq than any other big man combo

    SF: Lebron. I really want to put Glen Rice here because Lebron has only played one season in Miami but Rice didn't start making all-star teams until her was a hornet

    SG: Dwayne Wade, I like Steve Smith but Wade is clearly the best player in franchise history

    PG: Tim Hardaway. Dude could play back in the day.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    SF LeBron James

    PF Alonzo Mourning

    C Shaquille O’Neal

    SG Dwayne Wade

    PG Tim Hardaway

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  • 9 years ago

    C. Shaquille O’Neal

    P.F. Alonzo Mourning

    S.F. LeBron James

    S.G. Dwayne Wade

    P.G. Tim Hardaway

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  • Eric B
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    9 years ago

    Not sure of the specific order of ''best", but Center goes to Alonzo Mourning! He was epic as South Beach's athletic beast at center.

    You HAVE to include Wade too! The guy has a ring remember!

    Tim Hardaway, have to give props to Hardaway, as like Starks or Oakley up in NY, Tim helped give substance and a name to Miami.

    Source(s): nba history
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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    SF- NOT LePuss *Gay-boy* Lamez

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