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Sure asked in 社會與文化語言 · 9 years ago



Reliably: 重視言用, 如果答應就一定要作到,

Honest:對公司內部都能作到真誠以對,犯錯也要成認Optimistic: 不到最後不輕言放企,樂觀看待所有困境

Confident: 面對客戶所有難題都能有自信的回答避免讓客戶產生無專業的印象Diligent:面對客戶前,先作好萬全準備, 努力於不足點


Risk taking:不怕風險,全力以赴Easygoing: 隨時保持友善的態度

efficiency: 善同每一位同事的優點來解決現有的問題



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    Responsibility: no matter which part goes wrong, regardless of their reasons, the responsibility is not you, you have to assume the task of recovery, you will take action to try to restore the situation, not be held responsible or the cause.

    Reliably: attention to words used, if the promise had to be done,

    Honest: sincere on the company can be done to right, making mistakes but also as recognition

    Optimistic: do not lightly put until the last level, and optimistic about all the difficulties

    Confident: the face of customers can be confident that all problems so that customers have no answer to avoid the impression of a professional

    Diligent: to meet clients before make perfect preparations points to the lack of

    Intelligent: The purpose of crisp understanding of customer needs in order to meet customer

    Risk taking: not afraid of risk, go all out

    Easygoing: always maintain a friendly attitude

    efficiency: good with the advantages of each one of my colleagues to solve the existing problems

    Intense: keeping active caring attitude to colleagues

    Think from different angles and have the same kinds of questions the ability to learn by analogy.

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  • 9 years ago

    Responsibility:不論哪一個環節出了差錯,不論其原因為何,責任在不在你,你都得承擔復元的任務,你會採取行動試圖回復狀況,而非追究責任或起因。Responsibility:It doesn’t matter where the issue is, what the cause is, or who the responsibleone is. You are burdened the recovery. You will take the proactive initiatives to recover, but will not conduct the chase of justification. Reliably: 重視言用, 如果答應就一定要作到, Reliably: Do what you say.

    Honest:對公司內部都能作到真誠以對,犯錯也要成認Honest: Be true toyour coworkers, and admit your mistakes.

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