Air Conditioning Terms -- Cooling Anticipation and Differential Rating?

Could someone please explain the terms "Cooling/Heating Anticipation" and "Differential Rating" in regards to features of a Central Heat and Air Conditioner Thermostat?

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    10 years ago
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    "A cooling anticipator generates a small amount of additional heat to the sensing element while the cooling appliance is not operating. This causes the contacts to energize the cooling equipment slightly early, preventing the space temperature from climbing excessively. Cooling anticipators are generally non-adjustable."

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    Heat anticiapation, is the ability for the themostat to recognize when the burners need to shut off so that the set temperature on the thermostat won't be over shot by the time the blower shuts from its delay after the burners are off to remove left over heat from the heat exchanger. This applies to a mercury style thermostat. The old round one you still see everywhere.

    Diffirential. Detemines the amount of temperatue swing on the thermostat, how many degees the temperature needs to drop or rise for the system to turn on and how many degrees past or below the set point for the equipment to turn off. Depending if its heating or cooling, applies mainly to a digital thermostat since it can be adjusted, a mechanical thermostat has a set differential except for the heat anticiapation can be adjusted which in sense is the differential for the heating side on when the equipment shuts off.

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