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Can anyone explain what is going on in the White House, with the Muslims this week?

I heard something about it on the news, but they did not not tell much.

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    Obama reprimands Syria for the killings of its citizens.

    Obama to give Libyan rebels $25 million in aid

    Rep. King demands answers about non-prosecution of Hamas-linked CAIR; CAIR's Hooper complains

    Rep. King Demands Answers; Ibrahim Hooper Complains

    On April 18, The House Committee on Homeland Security issued a press release detailing Rep. King’s call for answers from the Department Of Justice regarding non-prosecution of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and CAIR co-founder Omar Ahmad in the notorious Holy Land Foundation trial.

    Specifically, Rep. King wants to know why the DOJ has given CAIR, founder Omar Ahmad, and other unindicted co-conspirators such as the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT), among others, a “free pass” considering the ample evidence against them presented at the Holy Land trial.

    Why wasn't Hamas-linked CAIR cofounder Omar Ahmad prosecuted?

    "Records show he played a significant role in a coalition of groups assembled to help Hamas politically and financially in America." Note also his "ready agreement to deceive Americans about the group's true objectives" -- that is, the objectives of the jihad charity the Holy Land Foundation, which was shut down for funneling money to Hamas.

    More on this story. "Why Was CAIR Founder Spared?," from IPT News, April 19:

    Department of Justice officials declined a request last year to prosecute Omar Ahmad, a co-founder of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), on Hamas-support charges emanating from the successful prosecution of a Texas charity.

    Now U.S. Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, is asking Attorney General Eric Holder to explain why

    US accuses Pakistan's spy agency of jihadist links

    Admiral Mullen says that the ISI has a long-standing relationship with the Haqqani network," and it has only been four and a half years since the British accused the ISI of having ties to al-Qaeda, so you have to admire Mullen for being quick on the draw.

    Muslims protest Tennessee anti-terror legislation

    The bill doesn't even mention Sharia, but Muslims are still enraged. "Muslims rally at Tennessee Capitol to protest legislation," by Chas Sisk for The Tennessean via, April 20

    Muslim prof in Kansas: Muslims should ask Congress to outlaw Qur'an-burning -- because it incites violence//I dont advise this .*****.Freedom to burn a book ...even if its stupid action is a freedom I want..

    Terry Jones quran burning and protest

    The message Dearborn authorities are sending? Intimidation through the threat of violence works. In this case, even the ACLU is having none of it, and has argued for Jones' constitutional protections under the First Amendment to be acknowledged and upheld.

    Making exceptions against the right of free speech sets a disastrous precedent, which one may fully expect Islamic groups in America to manipulate in the future.

    JAKARTA, Indonesia Indonesia: Jihadists plant 330-pound bomb under gas pipeline near church that holds 3,000 people

    Afghanistan: Demonstrators riot, partially destroy paper mill that recycled Qur'ans into toilet paper -- three paper mill employees arrested

    So what is a pious Muslim supposed to do with his worn-out copy of the Qur'an? Traditionally these have been burned, but that is a highly charged practice these days. And obviously you can't give them to the paper mill to be recycled. "Three Afghans held for disrespecting Qur’an," from the Gulf Times, April 19

    New Jersey Transit worker fired for burning pages of Qur’an gets job back, plus pain and suffering fees... Watch. this guy or his family may die soon..

    Israel warns UN: New Gaza flotilla organizers have ties to Hamas and other jihad terror groups

    seems doubtful, however, that the OIC-led UN will pay any heed. "Israel: New Gaza flotilla has ties to Hamas, terrorist organizations," from Haaretz, April 21 **** this may have a interesting turn of events..

    "A non-Muslim should not rule over Muslims": Egypt protests against Christian governor continue

    Weekly Jihad Report

    Apr. 09 - Apr. 15 Jihad Attacks: 27

    Dead Bodies: 82

    Critically Injured: 195

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    Obama is BANKRUPTING this damn country and should NOT be sticking his nose into the affairs of Muslim countries when America CAN'T EVEN AFFORD IT!!!!!

    Dammit, America needs to GET OUT of Muslim countries' affairs and fix THIS country.

    We are in serious deficit, and he is sending millions in aid and supplying planes and drones, spending more American money, and he is alienating Israel.

    This is going to end up just like Afghanistan. We armed Al Queda and the Taliban in their fight against the Russians because the "commies" were so "evil". Look where that got us. Why can't we learn from our mistakes????

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    Well, Obama authorized the use of drones over Libya.

    And now the situation in Syria is getting very violent, with the government killing peaceful protesters.

    And Obama is trying to decide what to do about it.

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    Let them all kill each other, Why does Obama have to do anything. Just wait and watch.

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