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why does a baseball travel fast?

why does a baseball travel fast? for example compared to a football its way faster

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    Newton's Second Law. If you apply a force to something, it acclerates. If that something is light, it accelerates fast, and if it is heavy, it accelerates less. A football weighs a LOT more than a baseball (comparitively). Since the average human arm can only deliver x amount of force, the acceleration depends on the ball. Assuming the football is twice as heavy as the baseball, then the acceleration can be found like this:

    Acceleration = Force / Mass


    so for the baseball of mass m:



    and for the football of mass 2m:





    So you can see, that since there is less acceleration the ball must therefore end up going at a slower speed.


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    9 years ago

    Well a baseball is smalled than a football but mostley it depends on whos throwing it.

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