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What's the best filling for daifuku?

i tried a green tea one....was not that great. lol

i don't think it was kept well though.

BQ: what's the difference between daifuku and mochi?

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    Mochi is more like a rice cake(ddok in Korean)

    Daifuku is similar but it has some filling. It means 'good luck'.

    (Please note: I cheated by using Wikipedia.) XD LOL

    A good filling might be sweet potato. Dunno though.

    Source(s): Not a fan or rice cakes or seaweed soup. Otherwise, I loooove all Asian foods. Yummy!
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    Hi there....

    I can't imagine the green tea tasting very good! about strawberry? That is a good flavor for the spring season (when strawberries are plentiful and tasty.)

    I don't think there is a difference between daifuku and mochi...maybe the type of bean paste used to make the cake? I could be very wrong. I have read that daifuku is a TYPE of mochi....but that doesn't really help, does it. : -)

    Well, good luck with your tasty treats! Or should I say "great luck!"

    Source(s): I love Japanese food!
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    chocolate, peanut butter, strawberries, raspberries (fruit in general).

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