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What is the fastest route to drive from Wisconsin to Alaska?


Madison, WI to Anchorage, AK

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    Not sure where in Wisconsin and where in Alaska so I picked from Madison to Anchorage

    2 days 18 hours driving time (not including time to sleep and eat)

    Madison, WI

    1. Head west on University Ave toward N Brooks St

    312 ft

    2. Take the 1st left onto N Brooks St

    433 ft

    3. Turn left onto W Johnson St

    2.8 mi

    4. Continue onto Pennsylvania Ave

    0.4 mi

    5. Continue onto Packers Ave

    3.2 mi

    6. Continue onto Co Hwy C V

    2.5 mi

    7. Turn left onto US-51 N

    0.5 mi

    8. Take the ramp onto I-39 N/I-90 W/I-94 W

    Continue to follow I-94 W

    Entering Minnesota

    243 mi

    9. Take exit 249 for I-694 N toward I-494 S

    0.7 mi

    10. Merge onto I-694 W

    29.9 mi

    11. Continue onto I-94 W

    Entering North Dakota

    311 mi

    12. Take exit 258 toward US-281 N/U.S. 52 W

    0.2 mi

    13. Keep right at the fork, follow signs for US-281/US-52/Jamestown and merge onto US-281 N/U.S. 52 W

    2.0 mi

    14. Turn left onto US-281 N/U.S. 52 W/5th St NW

    Continue to follow US-281 N/U.S. 52 W

    42.9 mi

    15. Turn left onto N Dakota 200 W/U.S. 52 W/3rd St NE

    23.9 mi

    16. Turn right onto U.S. 52 W/43rd Ave NE

    Continue to follow U.S. 52 W

    100 mi

    17. Turn left to merge onto US-2 W/U.S. 52 W toward Williston

    Continue to follow U.S. 52 W

    89.5 mi

    18. Turn right onto U.S. 52 W/84th Ave NW

    Continue to follow U.S. 52 W

    Entering Canada (Saskatchewan)

    7.4 mi

    19. Continue onto 3 St/SK-39 N

    0.2 mi

    20. Turn left onto Bowell Ave/SK-39 N

    Continue to follow SK-39 N

    77.0 mi

    21. Turn right onto Government Rd/SK-35 N (signs for Red Coat Trail/Francis/Saskatchewan 35)

    Continue to follow SK-35 N

    30.6 mi

    22. Turn left onto SK-33 W (signs for Regina)

    38.3 mi

    23. Take the ramp onto SK-1 E

    0.5 mi

    24. Continue onto Ring Rd N

    4.0 mi

    25. Exit onto Albert St N/SK-11 N/SK-6 N

    0.8 mi

    26. Slight right onto Louis Riel Trail/SK-11 N (signs for Lumsden/Saskatoon)

    152 mi

    27. Continue onto Circle Dr W

    0.3 mi

    28. Continue onto Circle Dr W/Trans-Canada Hwy/Yellowhead Hwy W/SK-16 W

    6.5 mi

    29. Turn right onto the SK-11 N/SK-12 N/SK-16 W/Trans Canada Highway/Ldylwyld Drive ramp

    0.2 mi

    30. Merge onto Idylwyld Dr N/Louis Riel Trail/Trans-Canada Hwy/Yellowhead Hwy W/SK-11 N/SK-12 N/SK-16 W

    1.2 mi

    31. Slight left onto Trans-Canada Hwy/Yellowhead Hwy W/SK-16 W (signs for Transcanada Highway/Yellowhead Highway W/The Battlefords)

    80.3 mi

    32. Slight left onto Trans-Canada Hwy/Yellowhead Hwy W/SK-16 W/SK-40 W (signs for Battleford/Lloydminster/Cut Knife/SK-4 S/Swift Current/SK-29 S/Wilkie)

    2.5 mi

    33. Take the Trans Canada Highway/SK-16 W/Yellowhead Highway W ramp to Lloydminster

    0.4 mi

    34. Merge onto Trans-Canada Hwy/Yellowhead Hwy W/SK-16 W

    Continue to follow Trans-Canada Hwy/Yellowhead Hwy W

    Entering Alberta

    226 mi

    35. Continue onto Trans-Canada Hwy/Yellowhead Hwy W/AB-16 W

    40.8 mi

    36. Merge onto AB-43 N via the ramp to Whitecourt/Grande Prairie/Peace RIver

    249 mi

    37. Keep right at the fork, follow signs for AB-43 S/Grande Prairie and merge onto AB-43 S

    3.3 mi

    38. Turn right onto 116 Ave/AB-43 W (signs for Alaska)

    Continue to follow AB-43 W

    1.8 mi

    39. Turn right onto 100 Ave/AB-43 W (signs for Alaska)

    Continue to follow AB-43 W

    Entering British Columbia

    55.5 mi

    40. Continue onto Dawson Creek-Tupper Hwy/BC-2 N

    24.5 mi

    41. At the traffic circle, take the 3rd exit onto Alaska Ave/Dawson Creek-Tupper Hwy/BC-2 N heading to BC-97/Fort Saint John/Prince George

    Continue to follow Alaska Ave

    Entering Yukon Territory

    968 mi

    42. Turn right onto Alaska Hwy/YT-1 W (signs for Alaska Highway/Anchorage/ Fairbanks)

    Entering United States (Alaska)

    201 mi

    43. Continue onto AK-2 E

    89.7 mi

    44. Turn left onto AK-1 S/Tok Cutoff

    Continue to follow AK-1 S

    122 mi

    45. Turn left onto AK-1 S/AK-4 S

    14.0 mi

    46. Turn right onto AK-1 S/Glenn Hwy/State Hwy 1 S (signs for Anderson)

    146 mi

    47. Take the ramp onto AK-1 S

    35.2 mi

    48. Continue onto E 5th Ave

    1.0 mi

    49. Turn right onto I St

    177 ft

    Anchorage, AK

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