Questions about The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride?

I watched the Lion King 2 last night (I didn't remember watching it when I was younger, so I felt the need to) but I had/have so many questions that didn't get answered. This will only make sense if you've seen the movie.

1. Was Zira the wife of Scar? How do you know?

2. Are Vitani, Nuka, and Kovu all blood brothers? Are they also the children of Scar, or (since Scar died) had Zira become a single mother?

3. Why had Kovu said in the movie that "Scar wasn't exactly his father"? Were any of the brothers adopted by Zira/Scar?

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    1) The term "wife" is a human term- She was his mate. We know for sure they had one biological son (Nuke). As for Vitani we are not told if she is Zira and Scar's daughter, But there is a remark made by Nuke that makes us assume she is Scar's daughter (...."Kouvu Kouvu Kouvu- Scar wasn't even his father....").

    My personal conspiracy theory is that Vitani the daughter of Scar and Nala (rape?):

    * Vitani has blue eyes- like Nala's (Scar had green, Zira had red).

    * In the end, during the fight scene Vitani finds Nala and before attacking her saying " where is your pretty daughter Nala?" (unresolved mother-daughter issues? Vitani supported Scar?).

    * The broadway musical- in the musical Nala leaves not only because of the famine but also because of Scar trying to make her his mate.

    2) I pretty much answered that, and again- "single mother" is a human term (but yes).

    3) We are told (by Zira) that Kovu is "hand chosen by Scar to follow his pawprint and become king", later on Nuke make this remark : ...."Kouvu Kouvu Kouvu- Scar wasn't even his father....".

    What does it mean?

    * Kovu could have been the son born in the outlands by a rough female lion (the father unknowen, not necessarily Zira ).

    * A conspiracy theory say that he is Simba's son (no other male, Mufasa is not an option due to timeline, deny his son who went over to "the dark side"). Yes, I know it means Kiara is his half sister....

    The plot holes are there because the writers had a problem:

    The outsiders are originated from the pride land- so they are all blood related,especially Scar and his kids- to Simba. They had to make Kovu adopted so he won't be romanticaly involved with his distant cousin.

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    Zira is a follower of Scar, and Kofu is his successor. all four children have the same mother. Zira was very fond of scar, though I don't remember hearing her children are his. As far as I remember, Zira believes Scar the true heir to king. when Scar died, his followers were banished from pride rock, and the outlands became their habitat. Zira's children looked at scar like as if he was their father, as scar provided for his own (his followers)

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